More and more states allow concealed handguns without permit

This news is sure to drive the gun control Left up the wall.

At least 11 states have passed laws allowing the concealed carry of guns without a permit, including Idaho, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Vermont, West Virginia, and most recently New Hampshire.

In Missouri, lawmakers last year overrode Gov. Jay Nixon’s (D) veto and passed a package of gun legislation that established a “stand your ground” law and allowed people to carry concealed handguns without a permit. Concealed-carry permits were no longer necessary in the state starting Jan. 1. The bill’s sponsor, state Sen. Brian Munzlinger (R), said: “The basis of this whole bill is that it allows law-abiding citizens to protect themselves and their families.”

A week ago, on February 22, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) signed a law that allows anyone who has purchased a licensed pistol or revolver to carry it, loaded or unloaded, on him or herself or in a vehicle. Sununu’s predecessor, Sen. Maggie Hassan (D), twice vetoed the legislation. Jeb Bradley (R), the majority leader of the state Senate, said, “We have historically allowed people to openly carry a pistol. I don’t see why you have to get a second permit if you’re a law-abiding citizen and legally entitled to own a gun.”

The New Hampshire law went into effect immediately. Previously, gun owners had to apply for a concealed-carry permit with the local police chief, who granted or denied the request. Bradley said that numerous people were unfairly denied permits, but police chiefs testified during hearings that few applications were turned down.


But the permitless concealed carry is opposed by some police chiefs:

  • In New Hampshire, Portsmouth Police Commissioner Joseph Plaia, who is a member of Granite State Coalition for Common Sense — an offshoot of the gun control group Americans for Responsible Solutions founded by former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords — said in a statement: “This bill will eliminate the state’s long-standing permitting system and prevent local law enforcement from making important determinations that help keep guns out of dangerous hands.”
  • In Missouri, St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay (D) and the city’s police chief Sam Dotson said it would make neighborhoods less safe and make it more difficult for police to do their jobs.

Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, said the passage of such laws are an “anomaly” and occur in “legislatures that have been doing the NRA’s bidding.”

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures and the National Rifle Association (NRA), 16 states have introduced legislation this year to do the same, including Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky and Texas.

The legislation has been dubbed “permitless carry” or “constitutional carry,” as proponents believe that people have a constitutional right to carry a gun with as few restrictions as possible. Gun rights advocates see the laws as the next frontier in Second Amendment rights. Jennifer Baker, a spokeswoman for the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, said, “That’s kind of the next step in expanding law-abiding gun owners’ constitutional right to self-protection. It’s where a lot of states are moving.”

Nationwide, the legislation has been contentious and has failed in states that are traditional bastions of gun rights, with law enforcement members, politicians and gun proponents arguing that the bills go too far:

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  • In Montana, Gov. Steve Bullock (D) vetoed a bill allowing for the carrying of concealed guns without a permit on February 23, saying in a veto letter that the state’s sheriffs may require safety training before granting a concealed-carry permit and can deny permits to people struggling with mental illness. Equating the bill to allowing people to drive cars, fly planes or erect buildings without determining if they are eligible and able to do so, Bullock wrote: “While I will fiercely defend the 2nd Amendment rights of our citizens, I cannot support an absurd concept that threatens the safety of our communities by not providing for the basic fundamentals of gun safety or mental health screening.”
  • In South Dakota, Gov. Dennis Daugaard (R), who said he is a lifetime member of the NRA, vowed in an op-ed in the Rapid City Journal that he would veto a bill that would establish permitless carry in the state because it is “bad legislation” that could have many unintended consequences. South Dakota does not require a permit to purchase a gun and a concealed-carry permit costs $10 and requires a background check.

Source: Washington Post


Dr. Eowyn’s post first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds

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  1. Here in the “People’s Republic of California”, we have a law, that mandates that any gun carried in a vehicle, must be locked in the trunk of the car..

    What this law does, is to prevent a person from using their gun is self defense, in case of a carjacking, & reward the carjacker by supplying him with a gun, as an extra bonus, for his efforts, in addition to the car.

    So, think about this,

    ..Tyrone says to Leroy,..”Hay Leroy, lets go do some muthaf**kin’ drive-by shootin.”
    And then Leroy says to Tyrone,..”We can’t do no muthaf**kin’ drive-by shootin’,..”

    And then Tyrone says to Leroy,..”Why can’t we do no muthaf**kin’ drive-by shootin,.?”

    And then Leroy says to Tyrone,..”WE can’t do no muthaf**kin’ drive-by shootin’, ’cause de muthhaf**kin law says we gots to keep our muthaf**kin guns locked up in de muthaf**kin trunk of de muthaf**kin car.

    So, that’s why we don’t have any drive by shootings here in the People’s Republic of California California, because Tyrone & Leroy have there guns locked in the trunks of their car,.. because,.. here in the People’s Republic of California, .that’s the law.

    Yeah, right.

  2. North Carolina please get on the ball and allow us to carry, concealed or open without any kind of permit. Thank you.
    I believe all people should have to right to bear arms however they wish.

  3. I live in a small town in the People’s Republic of California, near the Nevada border, & I go into Nevada, about once a week to do my shopping.

    “If”, just by some chance, I just happened to be a gun owner, & “If” by some chance I decided to carry my gun with me on my weekly trips to Nevada, then, in order to be, strictly, ,, in the People’s Republic of California , when I left home, I would need to unload my gun, & lock it in the trunk of my car, preferably in a locked box, with the ammo someplace else…

    Now, between me & my Nevada town destination, there lies 40 miles of highway, 30 miles in California, & 10 miles in Nevada. These 40 miles run through deserted desert country where traffic is thin during the day, & practically non-existent at night.

    And there is NO cell phone service, for most of the way.

    Now, “If” by some chance, I were on my way to the Nevada town, & ‘If” by some chance I had my gun locked in a box, which was locked in the trunk of my car, & then, “If'”, by chance, I were to be ,..carjacked,..on this lonely road, then the carjackers, after leaving me on the road,, perhaps alive, or perhaps dead, would be pleased to find my gun,..locked, in a locked box in the trunk of my car.

    And then, there would be, just, one more gun in the hands of the criminal element, & “If” by some chance ‘my’ gun were used to shoot some store clerk or shoot some cop & then be recovered by the police, then the ‘liberal’ gun grabbing types, could point to another,..stolen,.gun being used in a crime, which would enforce their ‘gun grabbing’ agenda.

    But, now, let us , just suppose, I get to Nevada, without being carjacked, while I was in the “People’s Republic of California”

    When I cross the line, into Nevada, ‘If” by some chance have a gun, I can, legally retrieve my gun from the trunk of my car, & from it’s locked box, & I can load the gun, & place it on my dashboard, & I can drive around with my,..loaded,. gun on the dashboard of my car.

    And, then, when I get to Walmart’s, & can legally, strap my holstered, loaded gun around my waist, & I can walk into Walmart, or any other store, or restaurant, where I would see, other people, who also had guns strapped on around their waists.

    So,..”If’, by some chance, some night, some,..’Hoodrats’,.. from North Las Vegas, decided to come to this area to do some carjacking, or stickups, or muggings or rapings then, which side of the state line between the People’s Republic of California, & the State of Nevada, do you think that they will do these criminal activities on,..?

    Which side of the line, indeed,.?

    Crime is rare in the small towns of rural Nevada, where open carry of firearms is legal & common, as opposed to Las Vegas, where, violent crime is more common & where, open carry of firearms is frowned upon.

    So, all things considered, the old adage that,..”An armed society, is a polite society”, might well be proven to be true, here along the,.. borderline,..

    • I wonder if even one Socialist Liberal from the People’s Republic of California understands your enlightening exposé.

      It’s hard to convince brain-washed Liberals to use common sense after they have have had Socialism drilled into their brains…beginning in Kindergarten, as soon as Liberals they have full access to our children to begin their Socialist indoctrination.

      Anyone remember the little boy who bit off portions of his Pop Tart into the state of Idaho, but his Socialist Liberal teacher saw it as a gun (on its side) & got the kid kicked out of school… during the Socialist Obama Hell era.

  4. Praise the Lord this is happening. Gun laws only assure that criminals have guns. In the coming civil war, brought on by Obummer and his handles, us adorable deplorable’s will need all the fire power we can get. May the Lord have mercy.

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