“Imagine if a white person did this to a Muslim, it would be national news”


Shocking video out of Britain shows a Muslim man hurling insults and racially abusing a white man by telling him he looks like pork.

What started the dispute is unknown, but the clip begins with the Muslim man taking a picture of another man’s license plate while hurling insults.

“You son of a bitch!” he tells the man before he walks over to a woman who is filming the confrontation and takes a photo of her.

“Get that fucking phone out of my face before I smack it one, you son of a bitch!” he tells her.

The Muslim man then continues to berate his original target.

“Look at you – you eat pork and you look like pork, you fucking pig – you fucking pussy!” he yells.


“This is racist,” the man responds.

“I called you a pork bastard, I didn’t call you a white bastard,” responds the Muslim man.

“Race or religion based, mate,” the other man corrects him.

The Muslim man then starts hurling profane insults at another passer-by, yelling, “Fuck off! Fuck you! Fucking stupid bitch – it’s not your country!”

He then prepares to spit on the woman who is filming the encounter, only succeeding at spitting on himself, before he lashes out at her, knocking her phone out of balance and yelling “fucking move it then!”

The woman appears to be saying “don’t touch me!” at the end of the clip before the video cuts off.

The Metropolitan Police reacted to the video by tweeting that they needed a location in order to investigate the issue. Critics pointed out that the culprit could easily be identified via his car’s license plate.

“Imagine if a white person did this to a Muslim, it would be national news,” commented Tommy Robinson, before subsequently tweeting, “Imagine if a white man said to a Muslim you eat halal, white shouting vile abuse and threatening violence.”

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Despite the fact that the video has received over 16,000 retweets on one account as well as millions of views on Facebook, not a single news organization has reported on it.

Perhaps that’s because the footage doesn’t fit the post-Brexit narrative that the only racist hate crimes in Britain are being committed against immigrants and Muslims.

As Brendan O’Neill explains, the alleged rise in hate crimes is largely hysteria based on, “the fact that various officials actively trawled for evidence of hate post-Brexit, imploring people to phone police hotlines, and to the fact that almost anything can be recorded as a hate crime these days, even if there’s no evidence for it.”

Police have also gone public to assert that there is no link between the Brexit vote and a perceived rise in hate crime.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.