VIDEO: 5 Dystopic Movies That Are Coming True Right Now


It’s actually kind of hard to watch some of these… things are hitting way too close to home these days.

(And yes, there could have been waaaaay more than just five…)

Movies/Shows Featured Above

Sleep Dealer

Children of Men



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Black Mirror

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  1. I find “Demolition Man”, with Arnold Swarseneggar to be a bit close to home, and “Coma” a Medical Thrillar about organlegging, and “China Syndrome” which predicted the Fukushima meltdown .

  2. Well now, if you think the world is descending into a dystopian age – of course you are right. However, wait until the current breed of ‘students’ leave their ‘so-called’ universities, ‘cess pools, largely’ – and wait about seven to ten years, when Islam has crept further out of the woodwork; when the moles emerge and the seeding has matured, THEN the real dystopian age will begin. We are seeing the prelude to the ‘religion’ of Islam submerging our world through terror we have never experienced before. In fact, a terror which will surpass all historical wars bunched together ; THEN we will see the depths of depravity of which ISIS is simply a relatively mild precursor. The breed of Westerners currently emerging will crumble like the crust of an over-baked apple pie – weak, ruined by the creeping influences of the LBGT ‘community’, which is the sickness currently pervading our degraded youth. Do we deserve any better? NO! NO! NO! Our comparatively balanced world will pass away – and the age of brutality might soon descend into the Armageddon foretold. And the evil will inherit the earth. Thank God I will not be here to see it – and my heart bleeds for those innocents to come, who will be reduced to the lowly animal – from whence we came. Tally Ho!

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