While unhinged leftists are running around screaming about President Trump being a Russian agent, top Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee “quietly admit” they’re not expecting to find any evidence of “active, informed collusion.”

From Western Journalism:

It appears Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee are conceding to the fact that there might not be any solid evidence linking President Donald Trump’s campaign to Russian influence.

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This move comes just days after Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., peddled back on his claims of solid evidence of collusion between the Trump camp and several Russian intelligence agencies.

BuzzFeed reported “some Democrats on the Intelligence Committee now quietly admit, after several briefings and preliminary inquiries, they don’t expect to find evidence of active, informed collusion between the Trump campaign and known Russian intelligence operatives.”

“Among the Intelligence Committee’s rank and file, there’s a tangible frustration over what one official called ‘wildly inflated’ expectations surrounding the panel’s fledgling investigation,” the report said.

The report does contend, however, that investigators involved in the probe have just begun reviewing “raw evidence.”

This isn’t exactly shocking as it was obvious from the very beginning this was all a hoax. First they tried to use this scam to keep Trump from winning the presidency. Then they tried to use it to keep him from taking office. And when they failed on that front, they switched to using it to try and sabotage his presidency with the help of the deep state.

The logical next step in their quest to overthrow Trump is to simply manufacture evidence of Russian collusion.

Incidentally, while the Democrats are quietly admitting they’ve got nothing, John McCain, who played a part in passing on the discredited dodgy dossier to the FBI, told CNN on Sunday: “There’s a lot of aspects of this whole relationship with Russia and Vladimir Putin that requires further scrutiny … I think there’s a lot more shoes to drop from this centipede.”

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