This is war. And the EU clowns and leftwing governments continue to paint a rosy picture of millions of Muslim refugees flooding Europe. But the worst is coming.  Reality is blowing up in their fleshy faces. Literally.

This is just the beginning.

Why did law enforcement keep this from the people? What other critical war news are they hiding? As one reader points out there were enough weapons here to equip a division. “Many of the auto rifles look like FN-FALs to me, or Belgian made NATO rifles, .308 caliber. Yellow tipped shells look like heavy mortar shells minus fuzes. A close call. Almost lost Paris. Wonder how many more ammo dumps and factories are operating out there.?”


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Police found the stash in Spain back in January but have only now released the terrifying images

By Danny Collins,The Sun, 15th March 2017:

POLICE last night revealed an arsenal of more than 10,000 weapons destined for the hands of terrorists and organised gangs around Europe.

A continent-wide operation stopped weapons including anti-aircraft guns, howitzers and grenades falling into the hands of extremists in France, Spain and Belgium.

Some were previously described as being powerful enough to “bring down an aircraft”.

A terrifying haul of more than 10,000 weapons has been revealed by continent-wide police force Europol
Investigators reckons the haul was heading for the hands of organised crime gangs and terrorists throughout Europe
Among the haul were automatic weapons, machine guns, howitzers and grenades

Europol announced the vast haul in January but only now have Spanish police published images of the devastating arsenal.

Among the stash were 10,000 rifles, 400 howitzers, anti-aircraft guns, grenades, pistols and revolvers.

Spanish cops also found a factory in Bilbao maintaining and reactivating old guns so they could be re-used.

Much of the haul had been purchased at auctions, reactivated and then sold via a warehouse in Bilbao, northern Spain
Police found the stash in January but have only now released the terrifying images

A probe into European gun runners was launched following an attack on Brussels’ Jewish Museum in May 2014.

The attacker Mehdi Nemmouche was later arrested in Marseille, France, while carrying a Kalashnikov.

Following the original raid, Spanish police tweeted: “These are the 12,000 weapons, some capable of bringing down aircraft, intercepted from organised crime.”

In November 2015, Islamic extremists wielding automatic rifles similar to those seized killed 130 people in attacks on Paris, including a bloody gun assault on the Bataclan theatre.

Pamela Geller is the President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), publisher of and author of The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America and Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance.