Feinstein Hints That Trump May Resign: “I Think He Is Going To Get Himself Out”


It’s no secret that there is a concerted effort underway to do everything possible to remove President Donald Trump from office.

From Russian ties to business conflicts of interests, both Democrats and Republicans are actively working to find chinks in the President’s armor.

But for those with hope of change in their hearts, Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein says there is a possibility that Trump will eventually remove himself from office by filing his own resignation.

Speaking to a crowd during a town hall-style Questions and Answers session, Feinstein was asked how Congress is going to deal with Trump’s alleged illegal activities:

Journalist: We don’t know what’s happening but we know that he is breaking laws every day, he’s making money at Mar-a-lago, he’s getting copyrights in China, he has obvious dealings with Russia, the Dakota pipeline… there’s some many things that he’s doing that are unconstitutional… how are we going to get him out?

Feinstein: We have a lot of people looking at this… Technical people… I think he’s going to get himself out… I think sending sons to another country to make a financial deal for his company and then have that covered with government expenses… I think those government expenses should not be allowed.. we are working on a bill that will deal with conflict of interest… it’s difficult…

Videos of Feinstein speaking to what appears to be a local press pool of reporters and protesters appear below. You can jump to 1:30 in the first video to listen to Feinstein discuss Trump’s conflicts of interests, or watch from the beginning to hear Feinstein’s response to how her husband’s firm directly benefited from bills she voted into law, proving once again that the hypocrisy of socialist Congressional representatives from California has no bounds…

Part 1 (2 minutes, 18 seconds):

Part 2 (2 minutes, 19 seconds):

Courtesy of SHTFplan.com

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  1. Hmm … it seems to me that everyone here offering opinions has taken the words right out of my mouth! What more needs to be said about Feinstein and her ilk?

  2. Diane’s face is next to the word hypocrite
    in any encyclopedia.

    She should have been tried and shot with Reid years ago.

  3. “We have a lot of people looking at this… Technical people”

    The comedy just writes itself with these bozos………………………..

  4. ‘Term Limits’ SHOULD be retroactive; this fugly hag is WAY OVERDUE!!
    ovomit was the ILLEGAL one, NOT Trump!!

  5. That lunatic bitch is totally out of her mind. This statement is clear proof that she is not only delusional, she has no clue as to what kind of man Donald Trump is. Quitting is not in his vocabulary. He sure didn’t go through all of this hell just to walk off in the sunset. I have no doubt that he never envisioned that the insane left could be this brutal or treasonous. I also have no doubt that Obama wiretapped and spied on him. When you have cable news running 24/7 like I do, you don’t miss much. Not only are these mainstream news anchors single minded in their caustic non-stop criticism of Trump, but not once have they considered that a two term president, who is also a criminal fraud, does not need a court order to tap phones. That can easily be done via an underground criminal network. A man like Donald Trump must be a strategist to have built the empire and have net cash flow in excess of $500 million a year. He is learning fast. And he has surrounded himself with some of the most successful men in America who sit on his cabinet and advise him. I will bet on Trump winning this war by putting the key players into defense mode, as in running for their lives from criminal indictments which will take many forms. And I think the criminal charges will come in waves and be stacked to the point that these maniacs may very well vanish rather than stay around and fight lawsuits they can’t possibly win. This all boils down to a high stakes chess game, for which Trump is positioning the pieces for his strategic moves right now.

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