Well, these pictures make Michelle Obama’s unappetizing school lunches look like four-star cuisine by comparison. Fair warning: if you are about to eat, you may want to skip this story.

Apparently the cooks in NYC public school cafeterias have been serving moldy pizza and breakfast sandwiches and chicken tenders with metal pieces in them to the city’s over one million students.

Looks like the menu options are either mold, or… nails?!

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CBS reported, “Although it was difficult getting information from the fortress-like Department of Education, a whistleblower provided CBS2 with disturbing pictures. The pizza appeared to have green mold on it, while the chicken tenders had pieces of metal.”

This is also not an isolated incident. The breakfast sandwiches are apparently served up nice and moldy too.



When CBS first contacted the school a couple of days ago, they claimed it was “not a citywide issue”. School officials have since had to backpedal on that, pulling pizza, chicken tenders, and breakfast sandwiches from the menu across the entire district.

When shown pictures of the “food,” NYC public school parent Israel Rodriguez said, “This is poison. This is bad. This is uncalled for, because they should have people supervising wherever they make this stuff, and making sure that they are… you know, everything is secure.”

Sure they should… but quite obviously they don’t.

Students at one high school are leaving campus during the day to eat at restaurants down the street for lunch, with one high schooler telling CBS NYC that the pizza had not just green but black mold in it, leading one to question how long it actually takes for something going bad for the mold on it to turn from green to black and whether or not cafeteria workers have functioning eyeballs and brains.

Too bad most younger students do not have the option to leave school and seek food elsewhere, eating whatever these idiots feed them. Considering how utterly subsidized the school lunch program is in this country, there is absolutely no excuse for serving kids this nasty excuse for “food”.

Here’s a question: If you as a parent fed this to your kid, that would be considered child abuse. So how come when the school does it, the kids don’t get taken away?

Piper writes for The Daily Sheeple. There’s a lot of B.S. out there. Someone has to write about it.

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