Antifa Chased Down In The Streets At Battle of Berkeley III

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A free speech “Patriots Day” rally Saturday at Berkeley organized by right-wingers ended with antifa radicals being chased down in the streets.

A wide range of Alt-Right, ProudBoys, OathKeepers, Trump supporters, and other assorted right-wingers faced off with left-wing Anti-Fascists, BAMN and other leftist groups near the Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park.

Here’s how it started:

Here’s how it ended:

The LA Times said at least a dozen people were arrested.

You can watch an hour+ long stream from Tim Pool above and Luke Rudkowski below.

Here’s some highlights from in between:

Note, Shane Bauer is a far-left journalist with Mother Jones.

Courtesy of Information Liberation


  1. The Leftists aren’t used to push-back…they’d better get used to it because we the PATRIOTS of this nations are sick and tired of all their bull and “we’re not going to take it anymore!!!”…step the f off!!

  2. I Hope the Few Patriots Remaining in California Get out before the State Sinks and the Fish eat the Snowflakes.

    • Why should the Patriots leave Cali?
      If the leftist scum can’t beat us in Berkley they can’t win anywhere in California.

      Push THEM into the sea!

  3. I hate these names like “alt right”, “proud boys”, “nazis”, etc. and don’t understand why they’re used in this article. Sounds like an MSM article.DC Clothesline didn’t used to be this way.

    These were people who are tired of the “leftists” and Soros soldiers who are fighting against free speech and are trying to show them they’re not running the show. They didn’t have to be far anything to know that free speech should be allowed and that’s not happening in Berkeley. I’m sure we’re all glad to see a show like this in CA as most news portrays CA as all leftists, illegals and kooks. Glad to know there are still a lot of patriotic people still existing there and willing to stand up.

  4. Bring Back Conscription

    Since the end of the Vietnam war, the Politically Correct politicians, teachers, academics, clergy and media in the USA (similarly in Europe) have been INDOCTRINATING generation after generation of young Americans that Patriotism is awful; belief in God is silly; all people are equal; all religions are similar; America is IMPERIALIST as well as RACIST; and a great deal of such asinine drivel.

    The end result, the USA (and Europe) suffers from the most pampered, spineless, clueless and undisciplined young men and women who truly believe that their parents and the state OWE them everything they need in life

    Most Westerners have completely forgotten that the state is like a house. If it is built with fired bricks it will last for decades. If built from any other cheap material, it would not last more than a few years.

    The building bricks of any nation are the families. If the parents are decent law abiding and disciplined citizens, the children will invariably be the same. If not, you have the current whining Snowflakes and Buttercups.

    To bring the young people of both the USA & Europe back to reality in the shortest possible time frame with the greatest number of positive results, Conscription should again be activated BUT for both men and women. No other form of service short of mandated Conscription upon all young people can fulfill the great divides that Obama and his cronies had caused to the American people in the last eight years.

    The world is facing unimaginable acts of terror, genocide, mass slaughter, fear, uncertainty and the citizens should be prepared as much as possible to defend and or fend themselves and their countries.

    The armed forces are the Melting Pot wherein White, Black, Yellow, Religious or not must work together and support each other in their units. The foremost example is the IDF (Israel Defence Forces) that assimilate, absorb, integrate men and women from 70 different countries from all shades of colour, belief and languages to turn them into productive, creative, inventive, disciplined and unified productive and inventive citizens

    The service does not have to be three years for men and two for women as in the IDF (Israel is a special case since it is surrounded by 400 million Arabs who want her destroyed). The periods can be ONE year for all.

    The advantages will be enormous and the results salutary in a short period of time because of the following:

    Instead of having jobless and directionless young people gravitating towards gangs, cults or other distractions, the armed forces will channel their energies into more positive and useful directions.

    They will be treated equally. Any discrimination of any kind would not be tolerated.

    Because of their close proximity to each other, they will learn about each other’s cultures and beliefs creating social bonds and understanding that they would never achieve otherwise.

    They will learn discipline and obeying rules and regulations meant for real life, survival and most important of all, leadership.

    They will gain enormous self respect as well as Esprit de Corp. Pride in the achievements of their units and the ability to make informed decisions.

    They will also learn to use the latest electronic communications, electrical and mechanical systems for maintenance and innovations.

    Those who are deficient in reading and writing will be helped by their comrades in arms to study and learn.

    They will be part and parcel of the Brotherhood in Arms and when they leave, they will have significantly more advantages than if Conscription is not instituted.

    IQ al Rassooli
    Kafir & Proud!

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