Muslims act out violently in proportion to the response they think people will have against their bad behavior. We have warned for years that the more Muslims there are in the West and the more license they are given, the more they will act out violently. Appeasing them does not help – it only encourages their bad behavior. The only way to stop them is to respond in proportion to what the Muslims give.

Europe once knew this, but they are learning this lesson again the hard way because they abandoned God and thought they knew better.

In a story coming out of Spain:

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Mobs accused of starting stampedes at a Good Friday procession sparked panic among people by shouting ‘Allah is Great’, it emerged today.

Eight people were arrested over the incidents in the Spanish city of Seville which left 17 people needing hospital treatment.

Local authorities said at least two of the people arrested shouted out ‘Ala es grande’ – ‘Allah is Great’ in English – and others slogans in support of Basque terrorist organisation ETA.

Eight people are still in hospital, including a 60-year-old man who suffered head injuries. His condition was described as serious.

Around 100 people required medical treatment, mostly at the scene.

Seven locals aged between 19 and 47 were held along with a Senegalese national. Some have been described as well-known criminals

Emergency services stressed that the eight people arrested are not of Arabic origin.

And police have ruled out any link between the suspects and terrorist groups and say they tried to cause problems in acts of ‘pure vandalism’.

Three of the suspects – caught carrying metal bars which they are believed to have used to bang against street furniture to cause the chaos – have been remanded in prison after appearing before a judge in a private court hearing.

The trio, aged in their forties, have been described as career criminals.

The other five suspects have been released on bail pending an ongoing investigation.

Ricardo Gil-Toresano, a central government spokesman for Spain’s Andalucia region, said two of the suspects had shouted: ‘Allah is Great.’

He said: ‘They’re not going to do away with Easter however much they insist on games like these.

‘The full weight of the law should come down on them. Today is a sad day.’

Now if this were Christians who did this to Muslims, it would make worldwide news for “hate crimes” and there would be Christian groups around the world apologizing. But when it is Muslims doing it to Christians, not only are there almost no reports on it, but the silence from the Muslims is deafening. Since in Islam, silence means consent, then the response of the Muslims shows that they support and are encouraging this kind of action.

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*Article by Andrew Bieszad