FOX FIRES BILL O’REILLY: Murdoch boys slash and burn

Let me say, I am not a fan of O’Reilly. He is a populist, and his positions change as frequently as the weather. But his populism was tied to the Fox news viewer, so while he couldn’t be counted on, the viewer could be.

O’Reilly’s ratings were unmatched. Consistently. No one came near him night after night, and the trajectory was up, always. And so it is a blow to Fox, but everything the leftwing Murdoch boys have done in the wake of Ailes untimely departure has been a blow to the Fox viewer.

The left has always seen Bill O’Reilly as a conservative giant, and they are rejoicing. The left is ecstatic. They are unconcerned with the degrees of Republicanism. If you are not a collectivist, a statist, you must be taken down. This is a triumph for them. They don’t care about sexual harassment: Bill Clinton is proof of that.

The problem is where does the Fox viewer go? To the interweb and sites like mine.

As for these sexual harassment allegations, I find their claims too little, too late, and too opportunistic. It’s interesting how these broads go along until they don’t get their own show or when the payouts begin. It seems to me that these women exploit their sexuality until they don’t get what they want.

Pamela Geller is the President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), publisher of and author of The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America and Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance.

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  1. If it’s one thing we learn from history, it is that the Murdoch’s follow orders, even if it hurts their ‘bottom line’.

    • Really? They are moving ” The Five ” to 9 with those moronic idiots Juan Williams and Bob Beckel a brain dead leftist., and Dana Perino , a Rinos Rino. TALK about setting yourself up for failure…..
      I kinda enjoy the stupidity of the Murdoch boys. Time for a shiny new real conservative news station.

  2. Pamela Geller, the author of this article is right. O’Reilly’s opinions do change with the direction of political winds. He was a fence sitter, trying to appeal to both the right and the left to keep his ratings high, which was more than obvious. However, when he came down firmly stating that Barry Soetoro a/k/a Obama was born in Hawaii, I turned him off. It was well known in 2007 that Obama was a total fraud. Fox News anchor Sean Hannity spent an entire year, prior to Obama’s election, interviewing a long list of people including Pamela Geller and her forensic document experts who debunked Obama’s outrageous claims that he is American born. In-fact he was born in Kenya. Attorney Philip Berg met with his grandmother and other family members who were present for his birth in Kenya. They took Berg to the hospital in Kenya where he obtained a copy of his birth certificate in the name of Barry Soetoro who moved to Indonesia at the age of 5 and is a citizen of Indonesia to this day. Soetoro arrived in Hawaii as Barry Soetoro and those who knew him called him Barry because that was the only name he had at the time. His college records are sealed because he attended schools as a forenign student. Obama is the biggest fraud in American history. Considering that there is no such person a Barack H. Obama, because he changed his name in Hawaii without going to court, the entire Obama presidency should be ruled null and void by a federal court which would put an end to every illegal and costly legislation and Executive Order this megalomaniac signed for eight worthless years.

    • Obama may well have pulled off the greatest hoax in the history of American politics. If so he had plenty of help doing it including O’Reilly. Pelosi knew, Killary and many, many others so far none have changed their story. Keeping this many mouths from talking must have cost a fortune but Soros had a fortune and more. There is something else involved here, something these people want beyond all else. It’s not necessarily to be in a high government position, or even money, they want to rule !

  3. THIS is open/shut case….it’s a “he said/she said”…!! Bill O’Reilly has tons of money and these women want some..!! It’s ALL about the MONEY and a very large payday for the woman making these allegations at this opportunistic time..!

    I see darkness in Fox’s future…a 40 watt bulb shining not so bright..!! They are the losers here…the loyal viewers will find other outlets for their news because FOX has clearly shown it will continue to move to the LEFT and RIGHT-leaning viewers will not make that turn with them…!! Period..!

    • Tucker Carlson, who is replacing O’Reilly, has a far better command of the facts and is a far superior debater than O’Reilly could ever hope to be.

  4. I thought these were just allegations? Did I miss something. Have been excessively busy lately and have been rushing through my emails.

    • That’s all you need when you are destroying anyone who isn’t a leftist with a mental disorder. This is their attempt to totally control ALL media. It’s not enough to run every other one……notice Obooba always complained about Fox. Like Michael Savage says, someone should take a good hard look at Gloria All red and her creepy daughter Lisa Bloom who actively worked to get Felon Hillary elected. I’m sure there must be a good amount of dirt under their rug. Give as good as you got.

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