Progressive leftists suddenly lose their humanitarianism when faced with reality


With the French election just days away, pro-migrant Parisians expressed their vehement support for bringing in more refugees yet when asked to personally house one, their humanitarianism suddenly disappeared.

France W9 television channel sent a man out on the street to ask well to do French leftists what they thought of the “massive arrival of migrants in Europe and in France.”

Every single one asserted that it was a good thing, with one woman exclaiming “It’s positive! They deserve it!”

Asked if they would welcome a migrant in their own house, every single person interviewed enthusiastically said yes.

However, when presented with a homeless “refugee” named Slobodan in the flesh, enthusiasm levels suddenly tanked.

The leftists in the video immediately trotted out a bunch of excuses as to why they couldn’t house the migrant, with one claiming he was sleeping in a hotel that night.

When asked if he would welcome Slobodan for lunch or for a shower, another man agreed only to give him 20 euros in cash.

Perhaps the people featured in the clip should be grateful that they even have a choice. In some European countries, governments are literally requisitioning property to forcibly house migrants against the wishes of the property owner.

The video once again illustrates how liberals will virtue signal until they’re blue in the face about how “progressive” they are until it comes to dealing with the actual practical reality of what they’re advocating.

This is not the first instance of vehemently pro-migrant westerners being exposed as complete hypocrites.

New Yorkers who supported Barack Obama’s plan to bring in hundreds of thousands of refugees were asked if they would sign up to personally house migrants. They all said no.

Studies show that despite how much liberals virtue signal about how caring and humanitarian they are, conservatives are significantly more generous when it comes to charity.

The Philanthropy Chronicle analyzed the itemized charity deductions on the tax returns of hundreds of millions of Americans between 2006 and 2012 and found that poorer conservatives gave more money to charity than wealthy liberals.



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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison