Roman Catholic Church Forgives HIV-Infected Priest Who Raped 30 Children – Won’t Face Criminal Charges

A pedophile priest with HIV, who admitted to raping 30 young girls between the ages of 5 and 10 years old, has been absolved by the Roman Catholic Church and will not face criminal charges.

Spanish-language news site Urgente 24 reports:

The priest Jose Ataulfo Garcia was acquitted of any crime by the Archdiocese Primada de México after confessing to have sexually abused dozens of girls in the indigenous community of Oaxaca, reports the platform ‘Anonymous’ of Mexico. The crime of abuse and rape of 30 girls between the ages of 5 and 10, admitted by the cleric himself, adds to the fact that Garcia is a carrier of HIV.

Neither the State of Mexico nor any organization defending the rights of children has spoken about this acquittal, probably due to the respect that the Catholic Church inspires in indigenous areas. In addition, this religious institution has a great influence in Mexican institutions: of the large number of victims, only 2 dared to officially denounce.

One of the victim’s mother wrote a letter to the Pope asking to speak to him, but she was shunned by the Vatican ant old “the matter is closed.”

Only two out of the thirty rape victims have stepped forward to decry the acquittal.

Pope Francis says these kinds of actions by the church are designed to make a “more merciful church.”

Sadly, what it does is create a soft environment for pedophiles to breed and rape more children. The Roman Catholic Church has had a long history of pedophilia and sodomy across the globe, including the US.

Jay Greenburg references The Boston Globe in his commentary on what the church has engaged in.

The issue was thrust into the national spotlight in 2002 when the Boston Globe revealed the extent to which the local archdiocese shielded abusive priests from being exposed to the public even though it knew they posed a danger to young parishioners. The Globe exposé, which detailed abuse cases that numbered in the thousands over a span of several decades, inspired other victims to come forward, leading to an avalanche of lawsuits and criminal prosecutions.

Not only did the floodgates open in the US, but the Catholic Church was also forced to confront cases in other countries, including Mexico.In 2004, the Vatican re-opened a prior investigation against Marcial Maciel, who was accused of sexually abusing minors as well as fathering six children by three different women.

Though the allegations spanned decades and the extent of his crimes was known to church officials, it was only in 2006 that the Vatican forced Maciel, one of its most powerful clergymen, to retire from active ministry.

Jesus was specific when He addressed what one does to little children.

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. -Matthew 18:6

Can there be true mercy from God for such actions as this priest committed? I sure hope so. The apostle Paul was one who received mercy from God and he persecuted the Church. However, I’m not so sure that absolves someone from facing the consequences of their actions. The Roman Catholic Church is sending a message that they care more about protecting a criminal in their midst rather than bringing justice on behalf of his victims.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost

Tim Brown is an author and Editor at,, and He is husband to his “more precious than rubies” wife, father of 10 “mighty arrows”, jack of all trades, Christian and lover of liberty. He resides in the U.S. occupied Great State of South Carolina. Tim is also an affiliate for the Joshua Mark 5 AR/AK hybrid semi-automatic rifle. Follow Tim on Twitter.

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  1. I understand that we must forgive, but His Penance must fit the atrocities committed. Weak Bishop shepherds and leadership need to step up.

  2. O-Homo Rapist Comey Fired by Trump, The Rape of American Justice By another of Homo Obamas Ass Kissing Queers has Ended. As Time Passes Many more Heads will Roll as Trump Cleans out the Rats and Snakes Installed by Faggot O-Homo and his Queer Accomplices. Hopefully the new FBI Head will reopen the Clinton Files.

  3. When a Department of Veterans Affairs Police Officer, I observed a child in a VW van. The boy was crying and alone. he told me, “Man grabbed me, man grab me.” Out of the gas station comes a local Little League coach Joseph Trapp. I called 911 and he was placed under arrest. About two years later Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 82 was doing a food and clothing drive and Holy Family Catholic School students donated toys, food,clothes and books. The Reverend Mother Sr. Eileen called her audio-visiual man to video the vets receiving the items from the students. Who walks out with a video cam,of course the molester, employed at a Catholic school. When I was a student at Holy Family School, I had my face slapped, head banged against walls and was ass naked whipped by the nuns. Most of my memories are bad ones. I still love the good devoted priests and nuns. But the bad ones should be arrested after committing crimes.And during World War Two, the Vatican assisted Nazis escaping to South America and presently the Vatican Bank has laundred money for terrorist groups.

  4. catholic… is a FALSE RELIGIOUS CULT!!!!!…. PS… I eat meat on fridays…every friday…….sometimes i eat the Frishfry’s .in Western NY… EXCELLENT!!!

    • The Church started by Jesus is the one true church. You don’t leave His Church because of Judas. Yes, there are bad apples every organized religion, including Protestants. Just that the msm press hates the Catholics. That is not to say these homosexual pedophiles need to held to be held to account. Just don’t lose faith on some bad apples.

  5. just ask the IN-GRATE (whom i sent a donation)…not even a thanks…..Ann Barnhardt….she knows where the queers are!

  6. Take him to the top of a Tall Building. These 30 Children will go thru Their life with Psychological Problems, Possible Sexually Transmitted Disease and Brain Damage because of this Catholic Freak and his Actions.

  7. Everybody knows that this “devil worshiping cult” knows it is Full of HOMOsexual Perverts…ok? want to tell the pOPe directly? Here is his direct phone Number….Ready? ……Sperio two two two O….Sperio 2 2 0……

  8. Very Sad, Very Disgusting. It looks like he wasn’t aware it was a crime!!! By the laws of nature alone instinct should have told him such stuff is very wrong. I know Yeshua -Jesus taught forgiveness & mercy, but how can you forgive the remorseless? Unless the person them self has genuinely arrived at such a state in their soul, any forgiveness amounts to them as condonement.
    This is even worse (if indeed anything could be worse than raping/molesting children) in that these crimes have taken place in what should be highly spiritual & sacred places, dedicated to devotion to God & study of the spiritual. Places wherein ultimate trust ought be the case in these priests. When i was a kid i held great respect toward a clergy-person in robes, believing they were second in command to God, like God’s messengers, or a bridge ‘tween us and the Most High. Very devastating to find that illusion now cracked. Now i just wonder if these people purposely choose to go into vocations & careers knowing they’ll give them direct access to children? Unlike Mr Nosworthy here, i don’t believe “Catholics” “earn the first prize for the world’s worst deviates” Many Catholic people i’ve met are very spiritual people & good. It’s disgusting deviants getting themselves into positions that give them access to bairns, the same is true of many other vocations & careers,these perverts are infiltrating everywhere, into every walk of life. Even Facebook has been giving pervies a platform to display their disgusting filth. The politically minded ones are trying to get our children into “sex-education” even in infant schools, it’ll be nursery school next, then the maternity ward, long before they need to know things. I’ve a terrible inkling of where this could be heading- i.e. ‘towards the perverts who want consenting age reduced then telling us that our kids are more sexually aware at a younger age.”I sincerely hope i’m wrong on this.
    The Pope repeatedly forgiving them isn’t doing anything in stopping the crime. When maybe instead there ought be a huge building built for all these criminals, into where they can be imprisoned for a long time to protect children from them.
    Many Thanks DC Clothesline-am re-blogging this.(

    • You are wrong! It’s people like you, and so many others who are to blame for the things that take place today, in and outside of the church. Why is it that people are such gutless submissive cowards that people like this priest(?) aren’t strung up and executed for these kinds of crimes. But NO, you’d rather someone else do it, then you and people like you won’t get your hands dirty. Your tolerance and cowardice disgust me, and those who of us who believe our children are sacred and deserve to grow up unmolested by people like this so called priest, and those who don’t have what it takes to keep them safe in your sick world of people who turn their back on their responsibility to protect our children… You, and the people who won’t take responsibility for what is happening are just as guilty as the ones who do these vile things.

  9. Well, surprise, surprise!. If the catholic bureaucracy didn’t forgive their deviate priests they would have no one to preach in their churches. The Muslims are murderous barbarians but the catholics earn the first prize for the worlds worst deviates

    • I am not so sure about that Garry…if you look at the evidence turned up by the Pizzagate/Pedogate investigations…you would have to admit that the Catholic Church is doing more to expose the world-wide epidemic of child abuse, while other facets of society, i.e. schools, politicians, military, police, welfare agencies, adoption agencies, and “peace” enforcers are doing all they can do to hide their child trafficking and sexual abuse practices. It came out first with the Church; but now the true magnitude of child abuse is becoming known…the iceberg is mostly still below the surface.

      • Whatever statements made by the vatican about trafficking or pedophilia is just ‘lip-service’ to give the impression that they are actually doing something about it, which they are NOT. The above story tells you what they truly believe. The World Court at the Hague heard evidence about child trafficking and pedophilia several years ago and found Pope Benedict guilty along with other so-called world leaders. You can go to for complete info.

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