Mass Hypnosis, Mind Control, And Trigger Words

In this video, Melissa Dykes of shows how the mainstream corporate news media hypnotizes their audiences and how certain “trigger words” are used to turn people into unthinking zombies so they can be easily controlled.

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Watch their mini-documentary Obsolete here and their new series The Cold Noir here.

Courtesy of Activist Post

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  1. Mind control is very real and in use every single day of the year and should be researched by every one. The Lilly wave is piggybacked on the AC current and pipped into every home and building in America in order to facilitate their mind control program. The only people who can’t be mind controlled are Marijuana users and those who take narcotics. These two substances allow the brain to build a defense against the mind control program.

  2. These Tactics are all practiced Daily by all the Mainstream News Writers and the News Readers who look into that Camera and Lie thru their teeth to you every Day. It is the Responsibility of these Highly Overpaid News Casters to Lie to and Persuade you to Accept their Lies as Truth, So that you Leave their Broadcast Confused and Misinformed. Ongoing Example, The Russian, Trump Election Propaganda Broadcast Daily on Every MSM Channel to Convince the Public That Trump did not win the Election and to establish a Base for a Later Attempted overthrow of the President. The Sponsors brought about the Demise of the Phony Conservative Shill O-Riley, We can do the Same thing to the other Networks by Letting their Sponsors Know why we no longer buy Their Products. Fight Back Today!

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