John Podesta Received $35 Million from Russia While Advising Clinton and Obama


The outlet also states that Podesta appears to be linked to a $35 million transaction between a Kremlin-funded company and a company he sat on the board of.

Making these claims is none other than Breitbart editor Peter Schweizer – the author of “Clinton Cash.”

Speaking on Fox & Friends, Schweizer said the following:

In 2011, John Podesta joins the board of this very small energy company called Joule Energy based out of Massachusetts. About two months after he joins the board of a Russian entity called Rusnano, puts a billion rubles which is about 35-million-dollars into John Podesta’s company.

Now, what is Rusnano? It’s not a private company. It is directly funded by the Kremlin. In fact, the Russian science minister called Rusnano Putin’s child.

So, you have the Russian government investing in one John Podesta’s business in 2011, while he is an advisor to Hillary Clinton at the State Department.

It gets deeper.

Schweizer went on to point out that Podesta went to the White House in 2013 “to be a special counselor to Barack Obama.”

He said:

That requires that you have financial disclosures every year. In his financial disclosure form in 2013, [Podesta] not only fails to disclose these 75,000 shares of stock that he has in Joule Energy which is funded in part by the Russian government.

He also fails to disclose that he is on one of the three corporate boards that this entity has. It’s got this very complex ownership structure.

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He discloses he is on the company in Massachusetts, that he is on the board of a company in the Netherlands, but he fails to disclose that he is also on the executive order of the holding company.

That’s a clear violation of the disclosure rules that needs to be looked at.

Pamela Geller is the President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), publisher of and author of The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America and Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance.

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  1. Where are the RINOS and so called right-wing media firing questions at them. Not one of them has even been approached about this on prime time much less investigated with leaks slipping out. What a pretty picture these establishment elitists paint for us. I’m fead up

  2. In order to rid Congressionals and lower members from resorting to corruption while in office, our 45th POTUS, should use his Executive Actions power to assign a special
    committee to investigate any politician whom maintains the appearance of criminality,
    such as the former worthless Black turd of a 44th POTUS, his girlfriend, George Soros, Hillary Rotten Clinton, Valerie Jarrett, Abedin, and Chuckie “BOY” Schumer and the rest of the over-the-hill, Democrat gang, whom have continually harrassed our 45th POTUS, as he endeavors to get rid of any “ESTABLISHMENT” members. In my opinion, and others, the re-implementation of the DRAFT, would cease the harrassment maintained by the Democrats, of most Republican politicians, and to enhance the power of our 45th POTUS, to get rid of the Muslims and other enemies invading the United States. Just think, my fellow Americans, if the United States maintained a law that all of our medically, eligible graduates from our American High Schools, would forbid them from matriculating into schools of higher learning (Universities and Colleges), or to accept a civilian position, until they have completed at least 4 years of military service, what a difference 4 years of maturity would make
    in the attitudes of our American people. Today, the only attitudes that our younger
    generation maintain, is one of self-preservation, as exhibited by cultural of the
    Democratic Party. As I have maintained in the past, our military members learn values that they would be forced to display, such as using critical thinking in matters that involve life and death agendas. In addition, our military members learn the meaning of collective cooperation in order to preserve our American culture, when
    called upon by the DRAFT. It is quite evident, that since 1973, when the DRAFT
    was eliminated, our country has been following the direction of most 3rd world
    countries, primarily, because for the past 8 years, this worthless Black, worthless
    turd of a 44th Muslim POTUS, has been in cahoots with his girlfriend, George “NAZI”
    Soros, maintain the policies of the New World Order, in order to subjugate not only
    Americans, but the entire planet. These NWO turds believe, similar to the Muslims,
    that their destiny maintains a world take-over, to subjugate the populations of this
    planet, to cater to their Communist and totalitarian whims. Podesta and Hillary Rotten
    Clinton, are also part of the New World Order membership. Without a doubt, based
    upon the same topic as this article, why hasn’t this worthless, Black turd of a 44th
    POTUS, and Hillary Rotten Clinton’s financial disclosure, been publicly exposed, as their war cry is for our 45th POTUS to reveal his 2016 taxes proof? Without a doubt,
    it is time to get rid of Soros, whom is the mastermind behind the current, global
    unrest on planet Earth. The rest of these political turds whom have made headlines,
    such as James Comey, are just puppets that Soros uses to wage his NAZI agenda against all countries, until they finally succumb to the NWO. When Soros was a
    youngster, he joined a group of NAZI thugs in his homeland, Hungary, whose bent
    was to evict JEWS from their homes and to confiscate their property for Adolf Hitler
    and the Third Reich. How Soros maintained not to become one of the Nürnberg
    Trial members, is a chapter yet to be discussed by other authors.

  3. And how much kickback did Obama and Clinton get ? Money , lots of money , is why politicians are politicians .

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