John Podesta, the original source of the 60,000 leaked emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign released by WikiLeaks, has decided to go on a rampage against Donald Trump. As the irony in politics continues as the disturbed human who is Podesta is now taking shots at the man who beat his horribly constructed campaign. But there’s probably a good reason for his anger.

Podesta, who was Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair last year, is saying that we shouldn’t expect an impeachment of Donald Trump anytime soon. The “spirit cooking creep” said that Republican congressional leaders Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have chosen to “Velcro their own political fate” to Trump’s. According to Podesta, the right won’t pursue allegations against the president of their own party unless forced to do so by a 2018 midterm election debacle or further revelations. “It is clear to me that Republicans on Capitol Hill are not going to begin to turn on him at this point,” Podesta says. It’s almost like Podesta finally decided to publicly announce that partisan politics are being used to divide the sheep into two groups. But it’s only OK when the democrats do it. Were conservatives to expect an impeachment of Obama for the bombing of more countries than George W. Bush? No, of course not. That’s not how political games are played.

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He also let out a barrage of other simple statements hardly rooted in fact, yet designed to gin up an emotional response from his and Hillary’s followers. He basically described Obama’s presidency, while changing the buzzwords from “democrats” to “republicans,” and “Obama” to “Trump.”

“The problem in the Trump White House is they have no one who really stands up to him,” Podesta says. “He’s impetuous, he’s impulsive, he fires things off and if anything, they enable him rather than trying to contain what are moves that in any other context would seem, you know, absolutely crazy. … If they’re going to try to right this place and be able to be effective, I think they need a much stronger team who can resist his impulses and tell him that he’s wrong.”

Obama got away with being a war monger and shoving Obamacare through the government simply because the left-leaning media (who was determined to lessen the blow of the communism they so lovingly adore) covered his indiscretions.

“It’s laughable, really laughable that Donald Trump would fire Jim Comey because of his interference which damaged Hillary Clinton. I mean, it was laughable from the very beginning,” Podesta says. “Just a complete misreading of reality.”

If more people had read the Podesta emails, he would be holed up somewhere not showing his face in public. But again, partisan politics and the political elites are in charge, not the voters. At this time, it’s easy to point out Podesta has egg on his face. The long-winded rant against Trump was what was laughable. John Podesta having any sort of trust from the left is actually hilarious at this point. He clearly rigged the primary election against Bernie Sanders.

It seems like no one wants to say it, so I will:

Let’s face it. Podesta is just ticked off that he lost a rigged election. That’s probably whey he feels so burned. Of course, that’s speculation, because liberals and the leftists in the media won’t bother reading Hillary Clinton and Podesta’s leaked emails without their (D) filters on, so we’ll never know how deep the rigging truly goes – only that it does, in fact, exist. Take this email,(which can be read in full here) for example:


Notice that the date on this email discussion begins on September 18, 2008 (WikiLeaks ID 33374). That’s nearly two months before the election, yet politicians are chomping at the bit for a chance to write Obamacare and be a part of Barack’s transition team. How did these democrats know Obama would beat McCain two months ahead of the election? But that’s just one email, what about this one also declaring Obama the winner:


This one is even earlier than the last email, written around September 5, 2008. Again, don’t take my word for it. Read the entire email here on WikiLeaks website (WikiLeaks ID 46340). To know the left rigged the election for Obama, yet assume they didn’t for Hillary after knowing they rigged the primaries against Sanders is willful ignorance at this point.  Podesta is pissed he lost a rigged election. It’s pretty simple to put these pieces together, but he preys on the gullibility of the left and unfortunatly, they continue to comply.

It isn’t a secret that elections are rigged, and Podesta is extremely upset. It doesn’t take a genius to see that the left controls the vast majority of the media and that there are very few non-partisan sources from the outside looking in. Trump is running the White House like a total baboon, but it’s nothing different than what Barack Obama did during his tenure as president. The only difference is the letter behind his name. It’s all the same. It’s all politics.

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