The media has had a long history of brainwashing the public. Finding its roots in communist regimes such as the former Soviet Union and China, propaganda is now the most dangerous weapon of mass destruction and it is constantly being used on the unaware American public.

“Democracy, as we know it today, is akin to communism in one critical aspect: destroying capitalism! Here is the subtle difference between them: Communism violently destroyed capitalism overnight, while democracy has been peacefully destroying capitalism over time.” –Frank Li

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The goal is the destruction of capitalism, or in layman’s terms, the complete abolition of economic freedom. Whether one believes that the media is deceiving them or not makes no difference, the propaganda will still work. (Please Google “Operation Mockingbird”, or follow this link.) Unfortunately, you can fool some people all of the time, or all the people some of the time. But you can’t fool all the people all of the time. Brainwashing and communism are almost synonymous because communism would have died long ago without brainwashing and brainwashing developed to its peak under communism.

One of the greatest bits of recent propaganda was when the left got away with the lie of saying before Obamacare, we had a free market healthcare system. We have actually had a “socialism-lite” version of healthcare for decades. The masters of brainwashing didn’t forget this though, they simply and conveniently repackaged the deal obviously completely leaving out the most obvious examples of socialized medicine: Medicare and Medicaid. But it didn’t matter. Theeasily manipulated took that as a “sign” from the media that it was time to get more control and more of the government’s authoritative involvement in the industry which is supposed to keep them healthy.


And that’s only one example of the manipulation taking us closer toward complete slavery by the very government the media is protecting. In 1958, Mao launched the Great Leap Forward campaign. He was able to starve tens of millions of people by using propaganda, then successfully shift the blame from himself after the communist propaganda machine spun it as a “3-year natural disaster”. Socialists and communists around the globe still revile in this horrific lie of government control.

Without propaganda and brainwashing, leftist policies would have died decades ago. People are born wanting freedom from tyranny. It takes an effective campaign starting in childhood to change their minds and support their masters willingly while decrying those who seek actual freedom from oppression.


In 1923, Edward Bernays published his book “Crystallizing Public Opinion”, in which he argues that “crystallizing public opinion” is essential to a democratic government of large-scale nations. In order to govern, or control, a vastly disparate people, you have to unify their minds, but not aginst “authority.” Bernays also criticized fellow psychologist and author Walter Lippmann for knowing the public mind so well but failing to use that knowledge to manipulate the mind. Bernays spent a long career creating the “opinion-making machinery,” which would provide the “news” that would become the “history” of the 20th century. The engineered perceptions, not reality, provide the carefully crafted contents of people’s “public opinions” and the vehicle was the mainstream media.

If ever anyone wants to know why alternative media has gained a foothold, it’s for the simple fact that those who dare to question the mainstream media’s version of events; are to be labeled as false and “conspiracy theorists,” even though their views obviously make the most sense. Conspiracy theorists don’t only have to believe in alien abduction or reptilian creatures anymore. Now, all they have to do is question authority or the media’s scripted version of events; and that was by design as well.

Any time a credible but politically unpalatable explanation for real world events is expressed in the American public sphere, it is often denounced as “conspiracy theory”, then dismissed and studiously ignored by the mass media. Public opinion, the public herd mind, obediently follows suit and closes itself to any such crazy conspiracy talk. –Econintersect

Wake up and question everything.  Start to understand freedom. Follow the money trails. It is not difficult to figure out that giving an authoritative entity like the US government more power through a willingness to vote and accept the whims of other voters is done through a massive propaganda machine. One should understand that voting away the rights and property of others is wrong, and they do…until the media brainwashes them into hating the very people who simply want their freedom from violence and totalitarianism. Just do a quick internet search of “sovereign citizens” (those who have declared their freedom from the US government corporation) and you will understand. The media and government are making these people look insane when all they want is to escape the plantation peacefully. The only reason Sovereign citizens are a “threat” to anyone, is because they are free from the shackles of government. Just look at the most recent evidence. CNN admitted they push fake news and false narratives to control what the public thinks in exchange for profits. Yet some in the public still defend CNN.

Ask any American today and they will tell you that slavery is wrong, yet when you lay out the factual and logical case that the US government is a corporation which owns them, they get physically uncomfortable. And virtually no media outlet will print this simple truth because they would lose money. That’s a big red flag that the brainwashing has been successful in the democracy and soon-to-be USSA.

Dawn Luger is a staff writer and reporter for The Daily Sheeple. Wake the flock up – follow Dawn’s work at our Facebook or Twitter.