Audio Released of Cops Who Turned Off Body Cams And Killed Justine Damond

Minneapolis, MN — New details are emerging about the tragic shooting of Justine Damond, an Australian yoga teacher and spiritual healer, by Officer Mohamed Noor. The Free Thought Project has learned that Noor had a history of complaints against him, neither he nor his partner chose to activate their body cameras before the shooting, and the audio from the radio dispatch has been released capturing Damond’s final moments on earth.

Officer Noor, who was sitting in the passenger seat of his patrol car at the time, opened fire through the driver’s side door hitting Damond at least once in the abdomen. Noor and his partner were responding to her 911 call about a possible sexual assault.

Police have yet to release any reason for Noor, who joined the force in 2015, to have opened fire as Damond was unarmed.

Witnesses told The Star Tribune that Damond, wearing pajamas, was speaking to officer Matthew Harrity, 25, through the driver-side window of the police cruiser when Noor, sitting in the passenger’s seat, shot Damond through the driver-side door.

Noor’s partner was allegedly “stunned” when Noor opened fire, KARE11 reported through a source.

Conveniently, for the officers involved in the shooting, it was revealed on Monday that neither of them had activated their body cameras. The dashcam, we are told, was not recording any video footage either.

Since 2016, Minneapolis has required all officers to wear and activate body cameras “at all times when they could reasonably anticipate that they may become involved in a situation for which activation is appropriate,” as noted by HuffPo.

But these officers conveniently managed to turn off both of their body cameras and the dashcam before entering the alleyway in response to Damond’s call about an alleged sexual assault taking place behind her home.

While police have been shamefully tight-lipped on the killing of an innocent unarmed mother, they did release audio of the conversation between the officers and dispatch immediately following Noor’s shots.

In the audio, one officer can be heard saying he sees a ‘female screaming behind a building’ after the shots were fired.

“Shots fired … we have one down,” an officer is heard calmly telling dispatch after Noor had shot Damond to death behind her home.

The conversation continues as Damond bleeds out in one of the safest neighborhoods in town — killed by those who are ostensibly sworn to protect.

Attorney Thomas Plunkett said in a statement that Noor “takes these events very seriously.”

“He joined the police force to serve the community and to protect the people he serves,” Plunkett said. “Officer Noor is a caring person with a family he loves, and he empathizes with the loss others are experiencing.”

However, it has since come to light that Noor had multiple complaints against him prior to killing Damond. One of the complaints is still open.

The open federal investigation into Noor stems from a former social worker from Minneapolis who says Noor and other officers violated her constitutional rights in March by ordering her detention at a hospital after she called 911 to report a drug crime and other issues.

Damond had also called 911 to report a crime, she was not fortunate enough, however, to file a complaint against Noor.

“We lost the dearest of people and are desperate for information,” Damond’s fiancé, Don Damond, said Monday, according to the Star Tribune, in his first public comments. “Piecing together Justine’s last moments before the homicide would provide small comfort as we grieve this tragedy.”

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Sadly, it appears that this small comfort may be a long way away.

Courtesy of The Free Thought Project

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on TwitterSteemit, and now on Facebook.

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  1. I have been angry for YEARS about the fact that all over the country there are officers who are not citizens of the US, and in some cases officers who do not live in or even near the communities in which they enforce the law. As a citizen of the USA who was born here in the 1930’s I RESENT the possibility of an officer enforcing laws against people like me, when they have no connection to the community. In this case, a guy from Somalia who cannot possibly be very knowledgable of our laws and undoubtedly is NOT a US citizen. On top of that, if I am stopped, will I be able to retrieve my vehicle papers and my license from the glove compartment or the console without being shot?
    If a black officer stops me, is he edgy about dealing with a white person on this level?
    Frankly, I am scared about all this. We are senior citizens and we are almost always together, being long time retirees. I have become extremely careful in my driving habits, and having flown airplanes for a number of years I can relate with careful PRECISION driving. There is such a thing. Most people don’t associate driving with precision. But it behooves everybody to begin doing this for their own safety. I certainly hope this Noor person receives the appropriate punishment. He has committed murder.

  2. The real question should be, who in the world could be stupid enough to give a somali muslim a badge and gun and set him, in a vehicle, to cruise this country of people, muslims are sworn to annihilate at every opportunity.

    Every elected fool, not just in minneapolis, but the whole state of minnesota, should be imprisoned.

  3. So,..let’s see what we have here,..

    We have a Black African, Somali, Muslim, police officer, who, just,so, happened to be the first, Black African, Somali, Muslim, to be hired by this particular police dept.


    We have a pretty blond lady, wearing pajamas, dead in an ally, after being shot, multiple times , by said Black African, Somali, Muslim, police officer.


    At this point, I will skip to the end of this story, & say, that, even as we speak, the authorities, who are,..’investigating’,.. this incident, are looking for a way to spin this matter, so as to find this to be a,..’justified’,.. shooting,..BECAUSE, there is no way that in politically correct, Minnesota, that, any Black African, Somali, Muslim, is going to be shown in a bad light,..ESPECIALLY so, considering all of the whooplah, by assorted government officials, at the time of his hiring.

    But anyway back to present time,..

    What happened here was that when this Black African, Somali, Muslim cop, who has a gun, & has a license to kill, saw this pretty blond lady, dressed n pajamas, He was, like most Black males, thrown into a state of sexual arousal, by her blond hair.


    He being a Muslim, he was offended, at the very thought of a woman, being out alone, at night, wearing pajamas, & with her hair uncovered.


    It being that, Somalis, have even smaller brains, than most other Black Africans, his simple brain, was,..’overloaded’,..with information, that it could not process, & so he did the only thing that a Black African, Somali, Muslim, COULD do under the circumstances, which was,..sadly, pull out his gun, & shoot, this beautiful White, blond lady,..

    So, that, while this is what REALLY happened, you can bet your nannynooker that the ,..’official’, will tell a very different story,..

  4. Same old, same old. Shooting an innocent person is murder, especially an unarmed complainant. A police officer is trained in the use of physical force and deadly physical force. Both officers should have their video cams turned on and should have dismounted the vehicle to approach the lady in pajamas. Of course the Officer will know what to say that he was frightened for his life and believed the lady could have a weapon. Two officers with vests, weapons, mace,tazers, and nightsticks against one unarmed lady; sounds like the officer abused his position and used excessive force. A police officer must carefully assess the situation before using deadly force. Did he have an arrest record or belong to a radical group in Somolia. With a history of several complaints against him , this officer should have been grounded. Time for the FBI to step in through the U.S. Attorney. I was a Veterans Administration Assistant Chief of Police and our Chief covered up the brutal beating of a veteran Carlos Colon, who had lumps on his face from being beaten by a VA Detective while handcuffed. The Detective threatened witnesses stating, “I’ll get you dirty rat bastards, I beat people up thousands of times on NYPD.” The Detective was not fired,but was demoted keeping his Detective pay. This was a felony assault on a handcuffed disabled veteran. The Blue Wall of Silence extends even to federal police. VA Officers stated the victim resisted and fell out of a typing chair and struck his head on the tile floor. The VA covered up poisoning of over five veterans. My regards to VA Officer William Davilla (USMC & U.S. Army) who told the truth and reported that the Detective assaulted the veteran and tried to bribe Officer Davilla to lie. The Detective even injured P.O. Davila when P.O. Davilla tried to stop the violent assault on veteran Colon. The FBI did not even care to investigate nor did the VA Inspector General or the VA Undersecretary for Law Enforcement & Safety. So do you think this cop who murdered an innocent lady and most likely believes in Sharia Law will be founded guility

    • No, this was not excessive force. This was murder. If the court system does not take care of the situation, we will have to.

  5. So, now we let people who Come here UN-VETTED to become Police officers?” A kind caring person doesn’t have 3 complaints in 2 years. The fact he came from one of the most violent places on earth is enough to keep him from being allowed to be a police in my eyes. The fact is he shot across his parner’s lap through the car door to kill this poor woman….Add that to the fact all 3 cameras were turned off,……why is he not in jail awaiting arraignment?

  6. Evidently, she was shot multiple times so couldn’t have been an accident. Must have been the PJ’s that bugged the muslim.

  7. what is the background of this somali cop? is he a active muslim? has he made his haj pilgrimage? EVERYBODY IS TIP-TOEING ALL AROUND THE FACT THAT HE IS MOSLIM.

  8. Nothing about this situation makes any sence. Did Officer Noor always aim his gun at the public, to intginidate them, and why would he feel threatened by an unarmed girl in her pajamas making a 911 report to his partner. This is like something out of the Southpark cartoon.

    • He probably got a hard-on looking at her, then blamed her for it like any devout muslime male would, then proceeded to pass judgement on her infidel arse.

  9. never trust a nigger musloid cop…they are not on our side.. trust a black Christian cop…whitey cop is “touch and go”…be careful!

      • The hell she does not help, She wakes you lazy do nothings up to the point that you may some day do something.

        • Violence will solve this issue….but, no one will do it for fear of loosing everything they have worked so hard for…. If, WE THE PEOPLE are not willing to sacrifice Life, Liberty and Wealth… nothing will change…

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