Muslim killer-cop’s story falls apart: Justine Damond’s neighbors heard no loud noises- multiple people interviewed

Mohamed Noor said he was “startled” by a loud noise. He sounds little a little girl (and a liar). That notwithstanding, neighbors said, they heard nothing.

Pajama-clad Justine Damond was unarmed when Mohamed Noor fired multiple shots and shot her dead. She died at the scene.

From the Daily Telegraph: (thanks to Scott)

More from the aussies-Upper middle class Neighborhood- read at the bottom- Neighbors heard nothing

“Howevever, the police department’s internal affairs unit can compel him to give a statement as part of its own investigation, and fire himif he refuses, said Minneapolis defense lawyer Joe Friedberg, whoisn’t involved in the case.”

That statement cannot be used against him in any criminal investigation.

Fred Bruno, Mr Harrity’s lawyer, told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that his client and Mohamed Noor, who shot Damond, may have been spooked by a “loud noise” before the Australian woman approached the police car.

News Corp spoke to half a dozen residents who were in their houses around the crime scene on Saturday night and none had heard the gunshot or any other loud noises that sounded like fireworks. One resident a block from the scene, waiter Tom McConnell, said however it was common during the current summer holidays for fireworks left over from the recent July 4 celebrations to be set off on weekend nights.


Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor who fatally shot Ms Damond, 40, will be compelled to give a statement to his department as part of an internal investigation.

Officer Noor hasn’t spoken with state investigators and doesn’t have to.

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Howevever, the police department’s internal affairs unit can compel him to give a statement as part of its own investigation, and fire him if he refuses, said Minneapolis defense lawyer Joe Friedberg, who isn’t involved in the case.

That statement cannot be used against him in any criminal investigation.






Pamela Geller is the President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), publisher of and author of The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America and Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance.

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  1. That worthless POS major needs to pack her crap and get out of town – Noor does not like blacks or women – that’s racist right there – how did this piece of shit get hired. Oh, I forget Diversity Hire – So how’s that working out for you – somali lov’in bitch.

  2. I can’t find any information about funeral plans for Justine. She died on July 15th, it’s July 22nd, and there’s NO info whatsoever on any funeral plans for her. That’s very odd. One would think there would be ALOT of info about funeral plans for Justine considering how loved she was by so many, but there’s NO info about any funeral for her. Another reason pointing to this as being yet another psyops hoax shooting. It’s funny, so many shootings all over all the time, lots of vigils for the dead, but we never see any funerals for all those who supposedly die in all the shootings.

  3. The driver cop has already gone on record stating he heard the loud noise too. So, they could both be lying, but that’s what it would have to be. They’d both have to be lying.

  4. That idiot needs to be tried as a murderer and given a non-parole life sentence. Of course the politically correct (i.e. pressured by Soros) judicial system in Minnesota will probably let him slide. If those evil bastards do that then they will bear the guilt of having not given justice to the woman who the idiot killed. When Jesus comes back I’d hate to be in their shoes. They’ll be wishing they had never been born.

  5. Why would any police dept or municipality (especially one the size of Minneapolis) want to hire a Muslim black non-citizen from Somalia to enforce American law against Americans? Ms. Damond may not have been a citizen but was closer to being one than this Noor jerk. I was born in the USA, raised and educated and served in the military and worked and paid taxes my whole life. I cannot accept that a person like this could judge whether or not I have violated some kind of law, probably a traffic law. This kind of behavior by police departments or cities or counties must not continue.

  6. Has anyone ever seen video of this Somali cop? All I’ve seen are fuzzy photo stills that look like taken with an old instamatic camera. The father “Don” with son “Zach” pawing all over his shoulders, look more like a Gay couple. I may be starting to agree with some who calling this a manufactured distraction PsyOp. Wonder what was really going on while all focused on this?

  7. The first Somali PC puke impersonating a US citizen and a cop. What do we get?
    Yeah. He even looks like the little snake in the grass that he is.

  8. YouTube Search Term :

    “Justine Damond Shooting Hoax”

    It’s not only the Muslim killer cop’s story falling apart, the WHOLE story is falling apart.

    • creepy as feck! as some commenter suggests. the father and son look like a couple of typical fags. who on earth would rub their father like that. but most importantly . ok, your wife has just been brutally murdered. do you give a press briefing. no fucking way! but they always do on all of these false flags. everyone of them. always a family member to read a prepared script.

    • Wow, thanks for the tip. I had been wondering if there might be something more to this since it’s such a strange story, and now it looks like there might be, not just because of that video, but everything together.

      That video is super creepy though. And don’t miss the guy in pink standing to the right. He also has the stereotypical gay look, haircut, face, expression, pink shirt to boot. All 3 of them ‘look’ gay and are acting the part, and the guy at the mic looks and sounds like he just graduated from a 1 week summer acting class, probably sponsored by Homeland Security complete with a catered sack lunch.

  9. we are at WAR with the nigger musloids… end of story.. its either the nigger musloids or whitey… “whats it gonna be boy?”

  10. The muslim POS is a murderer period. Unbelievable that any American would hire a muslim as a police officer that was not born and raised in america and supports American law and culture .. This just doe not make any sense..

  11. i can’t imagine a rookie cop reacting like that in front of his training officer. Especially when the training officer had already engaged the witness at his window. Either there is much, much more to this or it’s true that Somalis have an IQ of around 68,

    • I can imagine it! In fact it happened. There is nothing more to the story than a Somali cop saw a woman in pajamas and shot her dead.

      • Indeed! Only thing i would add is that if you look at photos of him when he first joined the ‘police force’ (used to be called ‘police service’ – I digress) he was a typical skinny Somali. Recent photos show him pumped up on steroids. Many of todays pigs are heavy steroid users. In his case a mix of typical low Negro IQ , sociopathy, and steroids may have been the deadly mix!

    • What’s even more shocking is that he shot the woman while seated inside the vehicle and shot across his partner. No once did he stop to think that she is either the victim or the person who made the call. Plus he is already being investigated because of a complaint filed against him in May by a woman he beat up to the point of needing hospitalization. No mention of why the body cams and dashcam was not turned on by either of them. I smell coverup.

      • The reaching across bit is definitely an eyebrow raiser, but I would caution not to pass judgment just yet on the complaints. Police get complaints filed against them all the time. Some bad guys just don’t like the cops, naturally, and so they automatically file complaints. Others are trying for a cash grab.

        So these may be legitimate complaints, or not, and even if they’re legit, they may be minor issues like, “he yelled at me”, or, “he put the handcuffs on too tight, or, “he grabbed me by my hair (after I tried to knee him in the balls)”.

    • Is he considered a rookie if he’s been a cop for 2-3 years? I don’t think that was his training officer….partner.

  12. This is the first Muslim cop murder. But what about all the other cop murders and crimes? Not many people about them

    • ‘not many people about them’! what are you attempting to say? your probably have such a low IQ that you don’t realise that you can’t make whatever point you have in your mind. i guess your either black or a leftist snow flake

  13. The muslum monkey didn’t say anything, yet. The only statements came from his pig partner trying to cover for him. Hang ’em all!!

  14. Salvatore…you hear an assault happening outside your house, you call the police to
    come and investigate it. When the police arrive, you feel safe enough
    to walk outside to meet the officers to give them additional information, and then you are shot dead. What exactly did she do wrong? Nothing!!!!!!! yet you believe that maybe she deserved to die!!! Why? Because she was wearing sleep clothes? Maybe the fault is the guy who shoots people because he feels like it. In my world, we simply call those people killers.

    • @ Samianne

      I never said Justine deserved to die, not even “maybe she deserved to die”. Never said it, and I never implied it. I’m just wondering why Justine is the only one in the neighborhood who heard the screaming woman. And I’m wondering why the neighbors who were interviewed were asked if they heard a loud gun-shot type noise or explosion type noise when the police arrived in the alleyway BUT they were NOT asked if they had heard a woman screaming that night. The screaming woman is CENTRAL to the whole story/incident, Justine called the cops because we’re told she heard a woman screaming, yet the neighbors were NOT asked if they heard the screaming woman and no neighbor has come forward to say he or she heard a screaming woman that night. Very strange. It’s strange the neighbors were NOT asked if they had heard a screaming woman as that’s the CENTRAL to the story, the screaming woman. So far, we only have Justine who heard a screaming woman. The neighbors didn’t hear any screaming woman and they didn’t hear any gun-shot type noise or explosion noise, they heard NOTHING at all that night, and that’s very strange also. I’m also wondering where her fiancé was that night. Was he not there at home with her? Was anyone at home with Justine that night?

      Asking LOGICAL questions is not the equivalent to saying someone, in this case, Justine, “maybe deserved to die”. I’m just asking LOGICAL questions.

      • Samianne

        Just curious. How is it you’re replying to a post I sent in that was CENSORED? How did you know what I said in the post I sent in that was CENSORED? How can you accuse me of saying or implying Justine maybe deserved to die considering the post was CENSORED? The post isn’t even on the commentary board, no one can read what I said for the post is NOT on the commentary board, yet you know what I said? Really?

      • When did you interview the neighbors?
        Your own words -“BUT they were NOT asked if they heard a woman screaming that night”.
        More of your words.
        The neighbors didn’t hear any screaming woman and they didn’t hear any
        gun-shot type noise or explosion noise, they heard NOTHING at all that
        night, and that’s very strange also.
        So which is it, were they not asked or did they not hear?
        As far as your “central issue” is concerned, it does not matter if ANYONE heard screaming even the complainant. The police are compelled to respond to a call for service. The central issue is what caused him to fire his weapon, why did he feel threatened enough to use deadly force? Why did his partner not also feel threatened, he did not even draw his weapon.

        • You’re wrong, crashman006, the screaming woman is THE CENTRAL feature of the story. Without the screaming woman Justine would not have had a reason to call the police. I’m wondering why there was no screaming when the police showed up in the alleyway.

          A woman is screaming alot but the screaming stops just before the cops show up. And again, it’s very strange and it’s unbelievable that only Justine heard screams but no one else who lived by the alleyway heard the screams. And of course there’s no screaming when the cops are in the alleyway. They pulled into the alleyway quietly, not with the sirens on.

          And its strange that no one mentions the screaming woman anymore, not even the feminists mention the screaming woman and it’s strange the feminists are not interested in finding the screaming woman to find out if she was raped and if she’s okay or not. One would think the feminists would be very interested in finding this screaming woman as she is the very reason Justine called the police and they would want to reach out to the screaming woman and reach out in Justine’s name as Justine was so concerned about the screaming woman she called the police. One would think the feminsits would want to find this screaming woman because,

          A : she’s a possible rape victim and feminists are determined to get justice for rape, and

          B : because Justine died trying to help a possible rape victim and the feminists would want to to Honor Justine for trying to help a fellow woman in distress.

          The screaming woman is THE CENTRAL feature of this story and its very very strange everyone is ignoring this aspect of the story, very strange everyone is ignoring the screaming woman, even the feminists are ignoring the screaming woman and that doesn’t make sense as per what we know about feminists and what we’re being told is the reason Justine called the police.

          No one mentions if any woman in the vicinity of the alleyway reported getting raped, either the same night of the shooting or the next day or any day after the shooting. As no one mentions it, there was NO rape. If a woman in the vicinity of the alleyway did report a rape the news media would be all over that and we would know about it, that’s for sure. If no woman reported any kind of crime, rape or some other kind of crime, and no one except Justine heard any screams, that’s very strange.

          The feminists would be calling out for the woman to come forward and tell them about the rape, just in case the rape victim is ashamed [ feminists tell us sometimes rape victims are ashamed to come forward and report a rape ] the feminsts would promise her protection and safety and NON judgmental understanding, empathy and sympathy and all the legal help in the world.

          Again, it’s strange News Corp didn’t ask the neighbors if they heard the screams. It’s a natural question to ask, especially if you’re asking them if they heard any loud noises like gun shots and explosions, might as well ask them if they heard the screams, especially as it was the screams that was the very reason Justine called the police in the first place, but NO. A very natural and very logical and very important question for the case is NOT asked.

      • Did you not read the story before making comments on it? It has been clear since this story broke that her fiance was out of town on a business trip. His son had to leave the home Sunday to pick him up at the Minneapolis airport. Get a clue before posting.

      • The Police are investigating this and while there is an investigation going on, they are not going to tell anyone, what they are doing or the questions they are asking people. So you are assuming that they aren’t doing a complete investigation, because maybe they are covering for this cop? I’d reserve my comments until the facts are presented, then voice your opinion. I think it’s funny when they say he was against women and blacks. He looks pretty black to me.

        • but you haven’t reserved your comments ffs! and what makes you think the ‘cops’ will present facts! what planet are you living on. since when do cops tell facts!

          • I have express any opinion on this, so you are incorrect to say I have. From what I’ve read, it brings up questions on why cameras weren’t on, especially the dash cam? Does make you wonder when they are suppose to have them on. (body cameras). I like to give every one the benefit of doubt until the facts are known. If there is wrong doing on the part of this Police Officer it will come out, from what I’ve read He wasn’t a ideal choice but was hired to fill a minority hiring order.

      • Who said anyone was screaming? She called in a possible assault in the alley and you are still blaming the victim.

  15. As per the MSM and the alternative media story Justine called the police because she heard a woman screaming and thought a woman was getting raped. One would think the neighbors would have heard the screams of the woman like Justine heard the screams, but the neighbors don’t mention anything about a woman screaming. One would think the neighbors would say they heard the screams of the woman but didn’t hear any loud gun-shot type noise or explosion noise at the time the police showed up. Did any woman from the neighborhood report being raped the night Justine was shot? Did anyone bother to find out who this woman who was screaming is and try to find out why exactly she was screaming? How come only Justine heard the woman screaming and how come no one is interested in finding out who this woman who was screaming is and why she was screaming? And why was Justine out in the alleyway by herself waiting for the police to show up, how come her fiancé wasn’t there with her, especially as [ supposedly ] violent rape was going on?

    How come the screaming woman doesn’t come forward to explain why she was screaming? How come she doesn’t come forward to give her thanks for Justine for calling the police? How come the Women’s March activists aren’t trying to find this screaming woman so they can offer the woman their feminist activist support? The screaming woman is the very reason this whole story started, without the screaming woman Justine would not have called the police, yet no one is interested in knowing who this screaming woman is and why she was screaming. Very fishy that no one wants to know who this screaming woman is and why she was screaming.

    There’s alot about this story we’re not being told, and not just the part of the story concerning the actions of the Somalian cop, we’re not being told the true story concerning Justine’s actions. If there other people in the house with Justine when Justine heard the woman screaming, how come they weren’t out there in the alleyway with Justine waiting for the police to show up? If there was no one in the house with Justine, if Justine was alone that night and if Justine was by herself in the alleyway with the cops, then how does anyone know what Justine’s actions were? The story is being reported as if there was a witness to the shooting incident, yet we are being told Justine was out there alone in the alleyway with the cops.

    There’s something very fishy about this story, and the part of the police is not the only thing fishy about the story.

  16. they need to find the truth and act on it and report it. so sad we dont have that, or the faith that they will get it.

  17. Muslims are liars. God killed off liars. That is all a Muslim knows. Liars are extremely dangerous people to have around.

      • So are jews, so are Freemasons, both groups we have in the United States in the shitloads and shitloads, jews and Freemasons are liars by culture and idealogy. So if the Muslims are liars by culture and ideology they fit right in with the shitloads and shitloads of liars in the United States the jews and the Freemasons. I’m sure and absolutely certain there’s MORE LIARS per capita among the jews and among the Freemasons then there are liars per capita among the Muslims.

        • With this level of idiocy, how do you even manager to post? There are NOT shitloads of jews or freemasons in this country. On top of that, it is beyond ridiculous to claim that 100% of any group are liars. Wow, you are off the rails on the crazy train.

          • He’s obsessed. He’s always blaming Jews in every post. I’d tend to blame Italians (like mafia) or Latinos (drug cartels) for the stuff he blames Jews for.

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