Lawyers for Muslim cop who killed unarmed woman call for autopsy to see if victim was on Ambien

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Like so many Muslims before him, it looks as if Mohamed Noor has opted to defend himself by blaming the victim.

According to, “Ambien (zolpidem) is a sedative, also called a hypnotic. Zolpidem affects chemicals in the brain that may be unbalanced in people with sleep problems insomnia). Ambien is used to treat insomnia….Ambien may impair your thinking or reactions….Some people using this medicine have engaged in activity such as driving, eating, walking, making phone calls, or having sex and later having no memory of the activity.”

That Noor’s lawyers would choose this scurrilous course of action is astounding, but not at all surprising.

“‘It should not have happened’: Mayor of Minneapolis slams cop shooting of Australian woman and says officers should have had bodycams turned on,” by Jennifer Smith,, July 21, 2017:

The mayor of Minneapolis where an Australian woman was shot dead by a police officer on Saturday has said the killing ‘should never have happened’.

Justine Damond was killed by officer Mohamed Noor outside her home after calling the police to report a suspected sexual assault.

It was dark and Noor, a rookie on the force, opened fire after seeing her move towards the car but apparently without knowing who she was. Neither his bodycam nor the bodycam that his partner was wearing was turned on at the time so there is no footage of the incident….

Noor has offered no public comment on the killing. Friends of the officer spoke to this week to say they had since learned that he was ‘startled’ by the woman as she approached the patrol car he was in and that was why he shot….

The rookie cop’s lawyer has called for an independent autopsy to be carried out to determine whether or not she had the sleeping aid Ambien in her system when she died.

His lawyer has also floated the narrative that Noor believed he was being ambushed and that is why he opened fire….

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Article posted with permission from Robert Spencer


  1. Can someone explain the connection from someone taking an OTC sleep aid and someone ELSE shooting them point blank?

  2. I have read so many articles on Noor. Has he been apprehended for murder? Apparently not and if so, why not?

  3. Maybe ALL of Justine’s neighbors were f*cked-up on Ambien, because NOT one of Justine’s neighbors heard any woman screaming. That’s because almost two weeks after July 4th there were still July 4th fireworks going off so the neighbors couldn’t hear the screaming woman, but Justine heard the screaming woman in spite of all the noise of the July 4th fireworks going off [ lol, two weeks after the Fourth of July ]. Justine had Supernatural hearing, even better hearing than a dog, dogs can hear noises no one else can and so could Justine, lol. Maybe the screaming woman was sane and normal and was screaming because she lived in a neighborhood full of f*ckin’ lying JEWS and f*ckin lying two-faced smirky lying White so-called “Christians” who worship every New Age shit religion they come across and can’t stand real Christianity, real Christianity takes too much discipline and self-control and you can’t do “your own thing” [ like get abortions when a child would be “inconvenient” to career and making money and being “empowered” ] . Maybe the screaming woman was screaming because, lol, she lives in a neighborhood chock full of New Age hindoo-buddhist-sufi-jew-qabalah “Evolved Souls” and the screaming woman I guess wasn’t a “Light Being Worker” of the Cosmos, not a “Healer”, so she felt out of place and that made her go crazy and start screaming. She was probably screaming “Get me outta this damn neigborhood full of fuckin’ lying two-faced JEW and phony “Christian” and Freemason New Age lying snakes.” Justine was a hindoo, so what’s the problem if she got killed? It was her Cosmic Karma to experience getting killed by a black Somalian Muslim cop, it’s all part of the Cosmic Karmic Journey to Godhood. We’re all on our very own unique Spiritual Path to Godhood and Justine’s Spiritual Path to Godhood included experiencing getting killed by a black Somalian Muslim cop, it’s all good, dudes.

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  4. It’s doubtful she ever took Ambien since she was a yoga instructor and into healthy living. She probably had no problem sleeping unless a rape was going on outside her window. They’re desperate to find some reason she was at fault.

  5. We’re told that the neighbors didn’t hear any loud noises that night, then we’re told the neighbors did hear loud noises that night but the loud noises were from fireworks left over from July 4th. It’s been my experience that one hears fireworks for a day or two after July 4th, NOT 11 days after July 4th. The Justine incident was 11 days AFTER July 4th, almost two weeks after July 4th. We’re being told simultaneously that the neighbors didn’t hear loud noises but the neighbors did hear loud noises.

    And the loud noises everyone is talking about are loud noises separate than the noise of the sound of the Somalian cop shooting Justine. No one asks the neighbors if they heard that sound. The neighbors are only asked if they heard noises as the cops arrived in the alleyway, yet the neighbors weren’t in the alleyway, they weren’t looking out their windows, how are the neighbors supposed to know when the cops arrived in the alleyway and if they did hear noises, how are the neighbors supposed to be able to distinguish if the loud noises they heard were the sound of the cop shooting Justine or the sound of the cops being ambushed, the neighbors didn’t even know the cops were in the alleyway? NONE of the neighbors are asked if they heard a woman screaming for help , and that’s very odd no one is asking the neighbors if they heard a woman screaming. We have an incident were ONLY one person who lived by this alleyway heard a woman screaming. That points to the cops being set-up to be ambushed, that no one except Justine heard the screams of the woman.

    Alex Jones sang a song he composed about a black Somalian Muslim cop killing a White woman a day BEFORE the Justine incident. A day BEFORE the Justine incident Alex Jones sang a song he composed about a black Somalian Muslim cop shooting and killing a White woman. Jones knew in advance there was going to be an incident of a black Somalian Muslim cop shooting and killing a White woman. That Alex Jones knew in advance means the incident was planned, NOT spontaneous but a PLANNED incident, which means , if the shooting really did happen and Justine is really dead, it means that YES, the cops were set-up to get ambushed, or the shooting just didn’t happen and this is yet another psyops hoax shooting. I’m going with a psyops hoax shooting as the police cam cameras weren’t on that night, the cam cameras were OFF. No recording of either the ambush or the shooting of Justine, how convenient for everyone involved in this Justine incident, including how convenient for Justine and her ilk.

    Someone needs to ask Alex Jones how it is he knew in advance a black Somalian Muslim cop was going to shoot and kill a White woman. He knew this at least a day BEFORE the Justine incident. How connected up-the-kazoo Jones is with The Deep State that Alex Jones knew in advance a black Somalian Muslim cop was going to shoot and kill a White woman. I can’t ask him, I’m BANNED from his websites.

    • affirmative action/diversity muslim hire to please liberal agenda of liberal mayor and Governor

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