There are two kinds of people who support the Calexit movement. People living in California who think that their state would be far better off without being hitched to the rest of the union, and people living in every other state who can’t wait to get rid of California.

I’d wager that latter of those two know something that most Calexit supporters in California do not. They know that the golden state is a toxic influence on the rest of the country. It’s become a breeding ground for leftists ideologies, and the people who believe those ideologies have run the state into the ground. As California slips further into debt and the cost of living mounts, those people are moving away to states where there are more opportunities.

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But rather than abandoning the beliefs that turned their previous home into an expensive bureaucratic hellhole, they often vote and behave just like they did in California. They turn cities in conservative states into bastions leftist deterioration… little microcosms of where they came from.

That’s why it’s pretty obvious that if California really did secede from the United States, it wouldn’t suddenly be unshackled from the rest of the country. The state wouldn’t become some beacon of progressive values and prosperity. Without the balancing influence of the rest of the country, which keeps California in check to some degree, everything wrong with the state would be amplified. Rather than being free to pursue some grand destiny, California would only be free to pursue the same wrongheaded policies that have driven it towards such a stark, downward trajectory.

That fact was on display recently, when Calexit leader Shankar Singam went on Tucker Carlson Tonight. During the interview, Tucker challenged the notion that California would be able to manage itself properly. He brought up the fact that hundreds of thousands of upper and middle class people have left the state in recent years, which to any sane person would be an indication that their government is doing something terribly wrong to drive these people away.

Singam would beg to differ. He admitted, without any coaxing, that this wave of fleeing middle class Californians is a good thing, because it makes room for more immigrants, and helps spread Californian ideals to the rest of the country.

You heard that correctly. He thinks it’s good to push out productive citizens and replace them low skilled migrants.

It’s obvious what would happen if California became it’s own country. The middle class would be hollowed out. It would immediately turn into a banana republic, where you are either a wealthy elitist or an impoverished peasant who is dependent on the state. Though it wouldn’t be in California’s best interest to secede, it’s apparent that America can’t get rid of this cesspool fast enough.

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