Your Coach Will Lead You Down the Road to Make $1,000,000 or More Annually Within the Next 12 Months, AND You’ll be Helping to Save This Website

It is no secret that the alternative media, and especially the “ALT Right” media is being heavily censored lately. I had hoped that things would get better with President Trump, but they have, unfortunately, been significantly worse since his election.

It would seem that Trump’s election served as a wake up call to the leftist-dominated media, and specifically social media, and many of your most trusted websites are now suffering. That would include D.C. Clothesline.

Our readership has slipped from a peak of just over 109,000 a day to just over 12,000 per day and it does not look like the censorship will be lessening any time soon.

But Enough of the Negative — When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going

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So what do we do?

Roll over and die?

That’s not me. That’s not you. Conservatives never back down from a fight. That is not who we are.

Behind the scenes I have been researching alternative income streams for over a year and most recently investigated a group of 7 and 8-figure internet marketing experts, interviewed them, learned their system, took on a personal mentor/coach and became involved with a company called Digital Altitude.

This company will now allow me to develop a high 7-figure income independent of D.C. Clothesline and I will be there by this time next year. Some people are already making 8-figures annually and 7-figures monthly. Others have done it. I have talked to them, heard their stories and seen proof of the income. These are not superstars that came from marketing backgrounds. They are not special. They are normal people who listened to their coach and worked the system.

This is my new reality. My personal wealth coach, whom I talk to daily, is a man named John Lavenia. You may have heard of him. He is the author of the best-selling book Integrity is Everything. His book can be found at any of the big internet bookstores.

John is working with me daily to develop a high 7-figure income strategy.

Your personal coach, whether it be John or someone else, will do the same for you and adjust your strategy to meet your goals.

In 12-18 months D.C. Clothesline will AGAIN be one of the top sites on the internet. I have no question in my mind.


Because if they won’t let our stories be seen for free (viral, word-of-mouth traffic) then I will do what has to be done. They will take our money. Paid advertisers don’t get censored.

The word must get out. This is a crucial time for America and I am going to need more money to fight them. They own all the big media platforms. They can censor me, but believe me, they won’t turn away money. Money talks.

I need you to understand… This is my passion. D.C. Clothesline is like a ministry to me. I will not let it die because of a rigged media platform that favors the left.

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In the next year I will start pouring tens of thousands of dollars each month into paid advertising to make sure our articles are seen and America learns the truth.

But I’m not here to beg for donations. I want to tell you what is in this for you.

Would You Like to Earn a Significant, Life-Changing Income With Us?

I don’t know what your situation is, but if you need or want a better financial life I will be working with a limited number of people. You will be assigned a millionaire-mentor coach and receive the same training I am receiving. Your only job is to drive traffic to sales presentations (which you will be trained to do). An expert sales team takes over from there. They turn your leads and traffic into sales, and you get paid commissions ranging from $800 to $10,000. Yes, I did say $10,000 commission for a single sale. It doesn’t take too many of those to equal a million dollars. Can you see why I’m just a little bit excited?

I can not help everyone, so I will pull this offer when I reach my maximum of 25 people. We all have limits. If I think I can handle more when we reach 25, then I will reevaluate at that point. But I want to make sure that my team is not so big that I can not provide them with additional help (other than the help from their coaches).

I will do my best to help you succeed but ultimately it’s simple. If you do what your coach says you will succeed, with or without Dean Garrison. If you do not then you will fail but that failure is on you. The system works and has already begun working for me.

Watch the introductory video and join our team today. I am involved to secure my family’s future and save D.C. Clothesline. You have your own reasons for wanting to make more money. They probably do not involve my family and this website. But I will help you and you will help me. Together we can both achieve our dreams — together.

If you have a powerful “Why” and are willing to listen to a coach who knows how it’s done, then nothing will stop you from achieving your financial goals.

If you do not believe in yourself then you will not make it and should not bother moving forward. You will never make a million dollars without a million dollar mindset. This is part of what your coach will help you unlock — a confident new you.

If your desire to win outweighs your desire to remain on the couch eating cheetos then click here to watch the Digital Altitude Video and let’s get started TODAY. The sooner you get involved and progress through your training, the sooner we can put some serious income into your pocket.

See You on the Other Side, Just Click Here,

God Bless You and Thank You for All You Have Done for Me and for America,

It’s Time for Me to Give Something Back,

Dean Garrison, Founder of D.C. Clothesline