Student Kicked Out Of College Over Silent Protest At Confederate Monument

Silently saluting the monument of confederate General Robert E Lee is enough to get you kicked out of Florida’s Pensacola Christian College.

Student Allen Armentrout traveled to Charlottesville on Tuesday to silently protest in favor of preserving his confederate heritage.

He was greeted by a barrage of hatred from rabid leftists who screamed he was a “terrorist” and a “racist.”

On Thursday, he was kicked out of his small Christian college.

From WXII12:

On Thursday, [Allen Armentrout] found out the staff of Pensacola Christian College decided to terminate his enrollment.

“I have been released from my school and will be unable to return to college to finish my senior year,” said Armentrout. “I’m processing this and making adjustments to my life to compensate for this scrutiny.”

Armentrout says getting the news about his removal from the school has been gut-wrenching.

“I’m a born-again Christian and I believe this wrench has hindered my attempt to serve the Lord. I believe a Christian institution should support patriotic individuals who want to stand for American tradition and beliefs. It really hurts me a lot when you try to do what’s right and you get attacked,” said Armentrout.

Armentrout said he is desperately seeking a college that would welcome him after his choice to stand in front of the statue.

“At the college I was attending, my contract provided my fourth year free if I paid my payments on time, which I worked very hard to do,” said Armentrout. “Now, essentially, if I want to complete my undergrad, I’ll have to pay, which I don’t have the resources to pay for a fourth year.”

Armentrout declined to comment any further to WXII 12 News, only saying he is unavailable until he’s able to “sort out the chaos” in his life “caused by those who wish to destroy Southern heritage.”

The cowardly college administrators wouldn’t even give an explanation for why they kicked him out:

WXII 12 News reached out to Pensacola Christian College in attemps [sic] to clarify why Armentrout was removed.

“We do not share any private information about the students. Our hearts certainly go out to people suffering there and we are thinking about them from afar,” said Amy Glenn, the college’s chief communication officer.

I’m sure if he was on the other side of the protest and screaming vile insults and issuing threats they would have given him an award.

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Many Christian colleges these days are hyper-liberal social justice advocacy organizations which have nothing to do with Christianity. Pensacola Christian College needs to get the Mizzou treatment.

Courtesy of Information Liberation

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  1. White people are now targets of opportunity. Hate violence can be perpetrated in our regard without fear of serious prosecution of any legal ramifications. If you are a White Man, and you should happen upon the evil the government supports, that is to say, a nigger who is bent on causing you harm, and you defend yourself to cause the death of said nigger, you will become the focal point of a type of derision that will ruin your efforts to advance your beliefs forever.
    Spencers efforts at Charlottesville VA are bought and paid for and where timed to cause the needed chaos that advances the marxist agenda. Nothing more.
    The law does not protect the White ethno-centrist. The WEC can not use the communications systems, the financial systems, or the political system of the jews. Social interaction that would advance the cause is shunned because people fear the ramifications of even the most minor of affiliations.
    Even the threat of the genocide of the white race, with all the evidence for this effort plainly displayed for daily viewing, is not enough to bring about the spirit of our people to survive as a race.
    At least this is what “they” (the jew marxist) want us to believe.
    We all know that the weak have been brainwashed to accept their own deaths. We do not need them to breed anyway.
    What is feared most by the marxist jew and his evil slave minions is…
    “the White Man whose mind is not under their control”.
    -H.A. Covington-
    We are the viruses of thought that the jew marxist has no immunization against. We are the idea they can not kill.
    So hold on. Stay the course. Never forget …you are the strength of the white mans race. You are the only hope for the future.
    There is hope. Even a virus has enough since to attack and replicate itself if it wants to survive.

  2. He seems to be a very sincere young man…! Hopefully, he’ll transfer to Liberty University..! We’ll see if they offer him anything for being true to his beliefs of honoring our Confederate soldiers…!!

    • I am not familiar with the JCLU, but I am certain that this young man, never

      signed a statement beforing matriculating as a freshman, that he would

      never stand before a Confederate statue to pay silent tribute. What in the

      fuck has gotten into some Americans. If every Ameican had a job, these ugly

      fucks would not have time to protest, Kill, and destroy property, similar to the

      BLM. If all Americans would band together and call out whom is responsible

      for the political unrest in the United States, the award would go to this former

      worthless Black turd of a token Tar-Baby of Muslim POTUS and his girlfriend,

      George “NAZI” Soros. Get rid of these two shitbirds, and then observe how

      the Democrat Party folds, with out these worthless turds. In addition, do

      not forget about Chuckie Boy Schumer and his girlfriend, the Waters wench.

      and her Black followers, male and female. When was the last time a Black

      was noted for committing anything worthwhile, in 2008, stupid Americans

      elected/selected a Black to become our 44th OPTUS. Americans refuse to

      learn from their history.

        Ii musy have hit a wrong letter, sorry about that.

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