Girls Kicked Off DC College Campus For Wearing Trump Hat

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A group of high school girls visiting the District of Columbia were kicked off the campus of Howard University for wearing a Trump hat, which the school said was making students feel unsafe.

A student at the historically black college going by the name “EssenceDalton” on Twitter posted a photo of the girls on Saturday, writing: “who told these lil yt girls they could come to THE HU like it was about to be some joke.”

“Yt” is short for “whitey.”

The school responded assuring they will “take any action necessary to ensure that HU students feel safe& comfortable in our dining spaces,” adding: “This group is no longer on campus.”

The girls later told their story on Twitter:

They also highlighted how an anti-racist activist threatened to “beat the f**k out of them”:

Many others issued similar threats:

The girls stood up for themselves despite being inundated with racist hate:

Courtesy of Information Liberation


  1. everyone knows that the nigger Porch Monkeys are …UGLY.. and are really jealous of “pretty white girls”…and I’ll bet the negro college is INFERIOR to even a 2yr community college…porch monkey university….

  2. …….The very first thing I noticed is that the Students at Howard rather than displaying the true signs of attaining success used ghetto “nics” and Ebonics style language in their posts.The violent rhetoric and actions only solidify the ties to “The Hood” and the lefts control of our education system. From the very few pictures available in this story I saw a world class environment.So why must these students cling to the failure politics of the liberal / Communist agenda? This seems to be a major thread that is running through our colleges no matter the location,and the fact that Howard is a predominantly “Black College” is also a minor issue.
    ………I’m thoroughly convinced that the toxic environment and the physical history recently of our colleges requires that we pull our students from these propaganda sewers as there is little education that is worth turning our brightest children into lock-step troops of an Anti-American agenda.We are in need of rebuilding and purging of the miscreants in charge. Our colleges have become the training ground for Alinski and Cloward & Piven style subversion.They have trained this generations Judges, CEO’s, and leaders. It is financed by those who hate America. Oil rich Muslim Nations have poured Billions into the Top Colleges and swayed the environment into something unrecognizable.The story of Obama’s college experience,and his seeking out the liberal and Communist professors and his subsequent destruction of this country only make my argument more compelling.
    ………The assault on our Constitutional Republic is fierce and at the point of decision. We must remove this educational weight from the thread that supports our freedom and Sovereignty.

  3. Ignorance is taught at HU. Ignorance and hate. ! Democratic liberal racist professors teach how to keep the blacks in the ghettos by teaching lies and hate.

    • Too bad they don’t teach english grammar. Not much education going on at this university. Waste of time and money.

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