90% of BLM & ANTIFA Rioters are Paid by Crowds on Demand via Craig’s List and Google Ads

On the surface, it looks like BLM and ANTIFA have literally hundreds of thousands of members across the United States and more than a million strong when you count all those who participate in rioting internationally.

These numbers are as misleading as the purpose of the civil unrest and riots perpetrated by these two organizations who have proven themselves to be nothing more than terrorist organizations since the Ferguson Riots.

Many locals in cities across the US are confused at the amount of people who show up in violent demonstrations protesting anything from Confederate Monuments, local police, the President, etc. since it is known in these areas that most support the opposite of what these crowds are there to protest.

What is really happening here is most people really do not want what BLM and ANTIFA rioters are protesting for. A great example of this was the violence at most Donald Trump rallies during both the primaries and after he was elected.

The thousands of supporters who attended his every rally were there to see the man who they wanted in office.

Yet, we are supposed to believe literally thousands of people attended his rallies in protest and were so angry that they attacked his supporters for their approval of him and his policies.

Nothing could be further from the truth, as both BLM and ANTIFA really do not have the massive numbers in members they want us to believe they do. They also do not represent the political views the majority of Americans have.

The truth is over 90% of the people who show up in all the protests in the US are literally paid protesters hired by Leftist political companies such as Crowds on Demand and a handful of others via Craig’s List, or other on-line advertising sites such as Google, and even local newspapers.

Adam Swart, founder and CEO of COD is literally responsible for most of the organization of individuals gathered for each BLM and ANTIFA riot in the US since his firm does most of the advertising for recruiting rioters and is the company who pays most of them anywhere from $15.00 to $75.00 per hour to take part in nationwide protests.

Of course, George Soros funds these organizations as well as BLM and ANTIFA, and Barack H Obama is responsible for originally organizing BLM and ANTIFA.

So, no wonder we have thousands of demonstrators appearing in areas protesting for issues that are in total disagreement with that area’s political mindset, they are all paid protesters.

Not only are they really not members of BLM and ANTIFA and just rioting because it is their job, most of them do not even live in the local area where the actual protests take place.

The large numbers of protesters we see appearing everywhere is designed to strike fear into the minds of those who are American Patriots and believe in the sovereignty of the US as a constitutional country and have them believe they are grossly out numbered.

When in fact these numbers are false and misleading.

In reality, both BLM and ANTIFA do not even have a fraction of the number of members they want us to believe they do and would be nothing but a handful of NWO neo-Nazis with no voice if not for the help given to them by COD(Crowds On Demand) and other activist organizers.

If we are to bust these two anti-American groups, we must start at their avenues of success like COD and all the internet sites who carry their ads for domestic terrorism.

These organizers for terrorism must be held accountable for all damages, injuries, and deaths associated with every violent demonstration and riot since the Ferguson riots.

Everyone who believes in the US as an independent sovereign nation and rejects the NWO idealism of the past Administration of turning our country into a 3rd.

World Banana Republic, governed by the United Nations has to realize the real purpose of the BLM and ANTIFA riots and just how very limited they are in numbers.

BLM and ANTIFA could care less about racism or any Confederate Monument, they are just using this genre as a ruse for their main goal, which is to erase all US history and heritage so they can transform the country into a faceless NWO stooge of the UN.

We have recently seen evidence of this with the defacing of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, and the supposed mistake of vandalizing of a peace monument in Atlanta, GA, which was no mistake.

Since Ferguson, BLM and ANTIFA has caused around a billion dollars in damage to both personal and public property, caused millions in medical expenses of those directly injured by their civil unrest, and have indeed been responsible for many deaths.

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They must be both made financially and criminally responsible for their terrorist acts. President Trump needs to make this law through Executive Action.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost

Tony Elliott is an established writer with articles in over 20 publications of differing topics. He was Political Commentary Columnist for the Cimarron News Press in Cimarron, New Mexico from 2001 to 2003. He was also a regular writer for several small coastal newspapers in Southern Oregon during the early 1990’s. BOOKS: Aura Visions: The Origin ProphecyEnviroclowns: The Climate Change CircusStrange Sounds: A Research Report

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  1. people need to wake up and realize that these domestic terrorists are quite frankly Soro’s paid mercenaries to fake outrage and who are paid to cause violence, intimidation, destruction and if they continue to be embolden by democrats/liberals and fake news media calling them heroes and social justice warriors they will think they are completely untouchable and will be committing murder live on TV since they think they are untouchable. These fools have no answer when confronted one on one as to why they are out in the street spewing hatred and they have no answer and become hostile and when their memorized script doesn’t work and are asked to give examples of their supposed anger they cant answer you because they have no clue and walk away or try and assault whoever asked them for examples of why they are out there. THE OUTRAGE IS FAKE AND IS BOUGHT AND PAID FOR. There needs to be a law making it illegal to pay professional agitators and if any so called peaceful protester shows up with weapons, bullet proof vests, riot gear ect and they should be arrested the minute they put on a mask or cover up their faces. Protest needs to shut right down before it starts when protesters show up masked and bringing weapons.

  2. So who is paying Adam Swart??? This “Rent-A-Riot” Clown buses these people to disturb our peace, using violence to create chaos. He is committing Crimes, the head King Pin, paying these people to do millions and millions of dollars damage, needs to have the FBI and Justice Dept. on his front doorstep.

  3. Just heard Mike Huckabee describe the Anti-Trump people, mostly the Media, lower than Cockroaches & Venereal Disease!! He cited that in Polls, that President Trump has a higher approval than Congress & The Media combined!! Too funny!! Spot on, Mike.

  4. if they are paid, how is it that the employer knows if they showed up? how do they confirm being there? if it is possible to obtain proof that they are there and being paid and directed by the employer then is the employer and the person responsible for the actions etc??? do they sign something? are they paid in cash where is the proof. i have seen the $15 to $50 an hour quotes before but where is the proof

  5. Get rid of George “NAZI” Soros and the worthless Black POS known as the ex-Muslim

    44th POTUS, and then observe 99% of the United States’ conudrums, ceasing. Soros

    is still a NAZI, and this Black POS from Kenya, is his puppet, where both of these

    worthless turds continually generate unrest, on a global basis. As our 45th POTUS

    imparted concerning Hillary Rotten Clinton, “LOCK HER UP,” when he was a

    presidential candidate in 2016, therefore, the same can be imparted for this NAZI

    and the Kenyan witch-doctor. Hopefully, Steve Bannon will be responsible for

    instituting, truthful American news coverage, to finally lock-up these effn Communist

    turds. In addition, if the DRAFT was still in vogue, it is my belief that these effn

    Communists would have never gotten their foot in the door to American politics,

    especially, a worthless, drug-smoking, mutt, as the 44th POTUS. Regardless of

    how we Americans have bent over backwards to enhance the living conditions of

    the Black Community and have elected/selected a worthless Black as our 44th

    POTUS, the Black Community still retains its tribal mentality, similar to the mentality

    of the Muslims, and that includes the former 44th POTUS, for afterall, he and his

    girlfriend, Eric “MY PEOPLE” Holder, are graduates of “AFFIRMATIVE ACTION.”

    • Not all Blacks are as you painted them, no more than white people are as bad as some other races portray. them. I’m so glad I don’t hate people just because we are of different races or ethnic groups. There was a time, in the past, however, when I was just as full of hatred and racism as you are, but I thank God that He changed my way of thinking


    • Believe @POTUS is some how “chained” by McMasters or others in Deep State. No long has Bannon to protect the president.

  7. the same thing happened with red shirt mobs in a certain SE Asian country, hired to protest, burn down the city, etc., some speaking non local languages bused in, paid, etc.. probably by the same agenda

    • Of course you are talking about Thailand, especially in 2010, when the riots

      committed by the Red and Yellow shirts were explosive.. The Red Shirts

      represented the common people, while the Yellow Shirts, represented the

      elite, simllar to how the Democrats represent the elite in the U.S. I have never

      read or heard that the Yellow Shirts bussed in foreigners to agitate, but rather,

      these same Yellow Shirts, were home-grown. The Elite in Thailand have always

      maintained their disdain for the poor and the un-washed. Now, Thailand is

      ruled by the Army. Where is Taksin when you need him? He was like Julius

      Caesar, a champion for the poor and the down-trodden, and history has

      indicated what happened to him and Taksin, although Taksin has been

      proven to be also a criminal. Go figure.

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