Is the Man in this 1937 Painting Holding an iPhone?

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Mr. Pynchon and the Settling of Springfield by Umberto Romano, Image: US Postal Service/David Sansbury

Look very closely at the image above.

That mural was painted by Umberto Romano…in 1937.

Do you notice anything that seems out of place, considering the era depicted and the year the mural was painted?

Here’s a closer look, in case you can’t locate the oddity in the image above:


Doesn’t that man appear to be holding an iPhone?

Brian Anderson of Motherboard examined the image and shared an interesting observation:

It’s not clear exactly who this man is, but he might as well be popping off a selfie or thumbing through his news feed. He seems to gaze into the handheld device in such a way that renders all-too-familiar today, as if he’s just read a bad tweet or recoiling from a Trump-related push notification from the Times. He would almost look unremarkable, if only he and the world around him existed at any point in the past decade.

The painting, however, pre-dates the iPhone by seven decades.

Is there some kind of intergalactic time traveling involved here?

Anderson continues:

Adding a layer of intrigue to it all is the fact that Romano’s mural is focused on one William Pynchon—that’s him at center, wearing pink—who wrote The Meritorious Price of Our Redemption, the first book ever to be banned (and subsequently burned) on American soil, and who just happens to be the earliest colonial ancestor of elusive living novelist Thomas Pynchon.

Maybe I’ve read too much of the latter Pynchon, who was born in—wait for it—1937, the same year Romano finished “Settling,” and whose paranoid fictions, a noted Pynchon scholar told me in 2012, don’t “necessarily present technology as a good thing.”

So…what IS the man in the mural holding?

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Some experts believe it is a mirror or a religious text.

What do YOU think?

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  1. It’s all a head fake brought to us by the Craftsman – Architects – Magickians of the
    Demiurge. Ultimately the goal is to bring in ‘GAIA Worship’ aka Sophia Worship. The Freemasons & their Cult coteries & cohorts are on the path of fear trauma based MK Ultra mind control while playing Archon’s & Satan as judgement for the mortals as He Man Master’s of our Universe. The research is accurate – factual & the evidence matches the context. Gnostics – Rosicrucians – Hermeticism – Kemeticism – Qabalah – Aliens et al etc.
    Part of the plan for man’s next evolutionary process through the Cosmos based on Antediluvian history. They will most likely try a Project Blue Beam Fake Alien Event with Technology we already have & know about just suppressed from the masses to keep us dumbed down & them in power. Been the game & plan for about 2,000 since Imperial Rome. Welcome to ideology of Fabian Socialist’s creed : ‘We mould it close to the Heart’s desire. Brought to humanity via house of Rothschild.

    Enjoy the ride we bought the ticket as registered Soul Chattel of the UK & Vattican corporations since 1872 Organic Act. Have to fight our way of the Tyranny & web. They just never told us.


      • You have to do your own research to uncover the truth of what you don’t know.

        It’s all part of the Psy Op & game being played. All of it is fraudulent & unconstitutional. Follow your heart & soul as they know the way.
        Research is your friend & truth is always your best friend.

  2. Wow, I feel like I have entered into and article written by a sixth grader. This entire painting is extremely symbolic. The item the Native American man is holding is probably meant to be a mirror into the soul and religious text. Prohibition did not end for The Native Americans until 1953 under Eisenhower. SEE ALL OF THOSE EMPTY MOONSHINE LIQUOR JUGS IN THE BOAT? See the European white man in the shackles of liquor trying to beg or convince the native American man of something or show him that the man in the mirror is much better off without the liquor and the shackles? This whole painting is about the conquest of the “white man” over the natives and the good , bad and the ugly of it all. So why are we not trying to think and grow in wisdom now? Cell phone, really? Stupidity is an emotional state. C.C. Forche here, author of the Christian book of arguments with 666 decoded in 9 languages and 5 alphabets ( what are those odds?) see “STUPID, STUPID…STUPID” go to God Bless

  3. Obviously it is a mirror. Then again that would seem to be to much of a leap of logic for the author. Rabid hatred for President Trump usually follows right after loss of simple cognitive functions. Clearly the case here.

  4. “recoiling from a Trump-related push notification”

    WHAT A FUCKING asshole..use this article to attack OUR PRESIDENT

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