Hillary Clinton Isn’t the Only Criminal the Trump Administration Isn’t Going After

More and more, it seems clear that the GOP has controlled opposition in the Executive Branch currently. While Trump has not had Attorney General Jeff Sessions appoint a special investigator to the Clintons as he promised, it also is quite telling that the Justice Department is unwilling to charge former Internal Revenue head Lois Lerner in the scandal where she oversaw the targeting of conservative groups desiring non-profit status.

Fox News reports:

The Trump administration has no plans to charge former IRS official Lois Lerner over her role in the Tea Party targeting scandal, the Justice Department said Friday in response to calls by Republican lawmakers to revisit the case.

In a letter to the lawmakers, the Justice Department said that “reopening the criminal investigation would not be appropriate based on the available evidence.”

This past April, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady, R-Texas, and Rep. Peter Roskam, R-Ill., had asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to take a “fresh look” at the case.

Despite numerous hearings and inquiries into the tough treatment of conservative groups by the tax agency during the 2010 and 2012 elections, the Obama Justice Department had announced in 2015 that no one at the IRS would be prosecuted. They said at the time that investigators had “found no evidence that any IRS official acted based on political, discriminatory, corrupt or other inappropriate motives that would support a criminal prosecution.”

The Republicans who requested a fresh look at the case were disappointed in the Trump DOJ’s response.

I’m certainly not disappointed. I’m more like coming to expect this kind of thing.

There is ample evidence in that case. In fact, there’s way more evidence against Lois Lerner than there ever was against the Bundy Ranch supporters.

At least Judicial Watch had the courage to blast the DOJ for its lack of serious investigation into the matter.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton blasted the DOJ’s investigation.

“I have zero confidence that the Justice Department did an adequate review of the IRS scandal,” Fitton said.

“In fact, we’re still fighting the Justice Department and the IRS for records about this very scandal,” he added.

“Today’s decision comes as no surprise considering that the FBI collaborated with the IRS and is unlikely to investigate or prosecute itself,” he continued. “President Trump should order a complete review of the whole issue. Meanwhile, we await accountability for IRS Commissioner Koskinen, who still serves and should be drummed out of office.”

Trump isn’t going to order a review. He just isn’t. And what good would it do anyway? He hasn’t kept his promise when it comes to Hillary Clinton, has he? What makes anyone think he will make sure the DOJ does their job with Lois Lerner?

Judicial Watch was key in obtaining tons of documents that exposed the corruption inside the IRS under Lerner. The government watchdog reported:

Judicial Watch released 294 pages of FBI “302” documents revealing top Washington IRS officials, including Lois Lerner and Holly Paz, knew the agency was specifically targeting “Tea Party” and other conservative organizations two full years before disclosing it to Congress and the public. An FBI 302 document contains detailed narratives of FBI agent investigations. The Obama Justice Department and FBI investigations into the Obama IRS scandal resulted in no criminal charges.

The FBI 302 documents confirm the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) 2013 report that said, “Senior IRS officials knew that agents were targeting conservative groups for special scrutiny as early as 2011.” Lerner did not reveal the targeting until May 2013, in response to a planted question at an American Bar Association conference. The new documents reveal that then-acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller actually wrote Lerner’s response: “They used names like Tea Party or Patriots and they selected cases simply because the applications had those names in the title. That was wrong, that was absolutely incorrect, insensitive, and inappropriate.”

Judicial Watch’s litigation forced the IRS first to say that emails belonging to Lerner were supposedly missing and later declare to the court that the emails were on IRS back-up systems. Lerner was one of the top officials responsible for the IRS’ targeting of President Obama’s political opponents. Judicial Watch exposed various IRS record keeping problems:

  • In June 2014, the IRS claimed to have “lost” responsive emails belonging to Lerner and other IRS officials.
  • In July 2014 Judge Emmett Sullivan ordered the IRS to submit to the court a written declaration under oath about what happened to Lerner’s “lost” emails. The sworn declarations proved to be less than forthcoming.
  • In August 2014, Department of Justice attorneys for the IRS finally admitted Judicial Watch that Lerner’s emails, indeed all government computer records, are backed up by the federal government in case of a government-wide catastrophe. The IRS’ attorneys also disclosed that Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) was looking at several of these backup tapes.
  • In November 2014, the IRS told the court it had failed to search any of the IRS standard computer systems for the “missing” emails of Lerner and other IRS officials.
  • On February 26, 2015, TIGTA officials testified to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that it had received 744 backup tapes containing emails sent and received by Lerner. This testimony showed that the IRS had falsely represented to both Congress, Judge Sullivan, and Judicial Watch that Lerner’s emails were irretrievably lost. The testimony also revealed that IRS officials responsible for responding to the document requests never asked for the backup tapes and that 424 backup tapes containing Lerner’s emails had been destroyed during the pendency of Judicial Watch’s lawsuit and Congressional investigations.
  • In June 2015, Judicial Watch forced the IRS to admit in a court filing that it was in possession of 6,400 “newly discovered” Lerner emails. Judge Emmet Sullivan ordered the IRS to provide answers on the status of the Lerner emails the IRS had previously declared lost. Judicial Watch raised questions about the IRS’ handling of the missing emails issue in a court filing, demanding answers about Lerner’s emails that had been recovered from the backup tapes.
  • In July 2015, U.S District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan threatened to hold John Koskinen, the commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, and Justice Department attorneys in contempt of court after the IRS failed to produce status reports and recovered Lerner emails, as he had ordered on July 1, 2015.

So far, the only person to face any real trouble in that entire fiasco was former Obama IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, but that was only a near impeachment for misleading a Republican-led Congress about Lerner’s emails. Nothing came of it.

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So, what we learn in all of this is that the same corruption continues to exist in DC. These guys cover for each other at every turn and the only people paying for these injustices are the people these bureaucrats are supposed to serve.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost

Tim Brown is an author and Editor at FreedomOutpost.com, SonsOfLibertyMedia.com, GunsInTheNews.com and TheWashingtonStandard.com. He is husband to his “more precious than rubies” wife, father of 10 “mighty arrows”, jack of all trades, Christian and lover of liberty. He resides in the U.S. occupied Great State of South Carolina. Tim is also an affiliate for the Joshua Mark 5 AR/AK hybrid semi-automatic rifle. Follow Tim on Twitter.

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  1. ll of these people should be prosecuted, all of them…….W.T.F. is Trump doing????????? These are all very, very simple decisions!!!!!!!

    • Government does not prosecute government, America, a government by the government for the government with special protection rules from the foolish proletariat that think voting matters anymore.

  2. Seems to me with all the promises he made he’s not doing a very good job keeping them . I voted for him as the lesser of evils .But even a lesser is still evil . We need real American patriots in office , Men and women who have served in the armed forces and understand what it takes to keep this county free .

    • Hey Ann, lighten-up, your gray hair is showing.

      Our 45th POTUS has only been office, roughly, 9 months. Therefore, do you expect him to undue all that the worthless

      Black mutt of a turd of a POS of a token Tar-Baby if a Muslim 44th POTUS has concocted for 8 effin years? As I have

      imparted in the past, most women are impatient and resort to smoking to satisfy their impatience, especially if they are

      not married or maintain a boyfriend. By the way, are you a smoker?

  3. It is amazing and baffling how these CRIMINALS continue to live their high lives of CRIME with absolutely no consequences…!

  4. i don’t feel that SESSIONS is to blame all by himself.
    right after Trump won, he SAID, THAT HE DIDN’T WANT TO HURT THE CLINTON’S.

    • The reason perhaps that our 45th POTUS has not locked-up her thighness, is because he

      maintains a large family, and does not desire for any of them to meet with the same demise

      of others connected to the Clinton’s. In my opinion, two can play the same game, if you follow.

      No, I do not believe that you deplorables have been had, but similar to ANN, you appear to

      maintain no patience. Rest assured, our 45th POTUS, is not a desciple of the worthless

      Black POS of a token Tar-Baby of a Muslim POTUS. Everything that our 45th POTUS, is not

      revealed to the public, nor his enemies, but he is like an elephant. He does not forget whom

      are his enemies.

    • It`s a lot easier to join the uni party and go on with the D.C. status quo, Trump`s campaign was nothing but sales marketing strategy, he has been a lifelong liberal Democrat, even P.T. Barnum would be proud, his only true ideology is his narcissistic ego.

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