Jennifer Lawrence is a Complete Idiot

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It takes hard work to be this dumb

Jennifer Lawrence thinks Mother Nature sent the hurricanes to punish America for voting Trump.

Jennifer Lawrence is an idiot.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison


  1. You know these hollywood types need to stick with what they think they know.
    And it sure as fuck isn’t politics. Just another left-wing liberal cunt.

  2. Trump is surrounded by Snakes and Rats, These parasites have taken over our Government so that they can enrich themselves at the expense of the American people. We are going to find changing Government Difficult until Trump is able to weed out this Congressional Vermin, It is going to take time. Trump has corrected huge amounts of O-Homo’s damage in a short period of time, Patience.

  3. unfortunately this is a product of californica’s marxist education system.NO KNOLEDGE,NO HISTORY,NO COMMON SENSE.ONLY WHAT THE SOCIALIST INDOCTORINATOR TOLD HER TO SAY.

  4. maby she got something there….trump is no longer our president… he is a puppet for the left criminals…he gave amnesty to the ILLEGALS..not going after clinton. kissed pelosi’s and schumers ass, kicked out the conservatives, let the generals overide him on the queer/tranny’s in the military…etc. etc. etc. it wont stop till it is all destroyed

    • Hey Anna, like most women whom do not view the world in reality, you are too

      quick to not understand the game that our 45th POTUS must play, in order

      to placate his friends and enemies. When was the last time that you found

      yourself in similar circumstances? NEVER!!! Give our 45th POTUS a chance

      to break the Establishment mold. He has accomplished more than the worth-

      less Black POS of a token Tar-Baby of a Muslim 44th POTUS, ever ac-

      complished in the 8 years that he was a Communist/Muslim plant, and I do not

      mean a plant that receives it nourishment from H2O, if you follow. Most

      women, I have perceived, are short on patience, that is why most women

      smoke. Are you a smoker?

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