Here’s what war with North Korea would actually look like: 20,000 dead in the first 24 hours

(Natural News) To borrow a phrase that was used hundreds – if not thousands – of times by leftists in the months following the election of Barack Obama, President Trump was “dealt a bad hand.” This is not an excuse for inaction or strategic mistakes, however, sort of like how the liberals used it to cover up Obama’s foolishness. Rather, the fact that Donald Trump was dealt a bad hand with regards to foreign policy is simply reality. Due largely to the fecklessness and the submissiveness of the prior administration on the global stage, America now faces several dangerous threats, not the least of which is North Korea.

For months now, President Trump and Kim Jong-Un have been engaged in a war of words, so to speak, with both leaders casting threats at one another without actually pulling the trigger. However, in addition to these threats, Kim Jong-Un has been repeatedly testing intercontinental ballistic missiles, almost as if he is trying to provoke the United States into making the first move. Many Americans and conservative commentators, such as nationally syndicated radio host “The Great One” Mark Levin, rightfully believe that the time has come for us to consider taking action against North Korea before they have a chance to strike.

“He needs to be taken out,” Levin said of Kim Jong-Un on his radio program back in April. “This inbred is hell-bent on developing long-range ICBMs – which he doesn’t need.” Levin went on to explain that he’s “not a neocon,” and that he just wants to protect America.

Indeed, the time to strike North Korea may have arrived. Waiting around while one of our greatest enemies continues to threaten us and produce powerful long-range weapons is not a strategy; it is surrender. But before the United States officially pulls the trigger, it is helpful to know what exactly we would be getting ourselves into.

Rob Givens, who was the deputy assistant chief of staff for operations of U.S. Forces Korea as well as special assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, recently published an article on to help shed some light on the matter. According to Givens, war with North Korea will look something like this: “Thousands of aircraft will wage an epic battle across the entire Korean Peninsula. The two American Air Force fighter wings – 100-plus fighter aircrafts permanently stationed there – accompanied by our South Korean partners would fight the opening minutes, striking against the North’s aged, but plentiful air forces while also bombing Kim Jong-Un’s missiles and artillery.”

Givens ultimately concludes, “North Korea’s casualties would be appalling. The estimates are that we would inflict 20,000 casualties on the North each day of combat.” Sadly, this sort of violence and mayhem is expected when two nations go to war with each other. While 20,000 North Korean casualties per day is certainly unfortunate, it would be unwise for President Trump and his military advisors to let it dissuade them from taking action. There is simply too much on the line. (Related: Read about why preppers should expect a war between the U.S. and North Korea, and what they should do to prepare.)

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What would happen if one day, North Korea’s threats turned into action? What if they finally developed an effective ICBM that could carry a nuclear warhead over a long distance, and then used that ICBM to reduce one of America’s cities to rubble? And then what if instead of U.S. forces taking the battle to the other side of the world, the North Koreans infiltrated our country and began taking over? The amount of innocent American lives that would be taken would be innumerable, and as commander-in-chief, that is something that President Trump should do everything in his power to prevent. Because when it comes to war with North Korea, it really is a simple reality – it’s either them or us.

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  1. Nothing will happen that our own government would not allow. Every war the US has been in, our gov’t has had a hand in instigating it. They keep poking and poking until they get what they want. They have to keep the war machine going. Too much money to be made. Some say the financial crash is coming and unless they have something to distract us with or blame it on, they’ll keep poking. And, others say there’s something headed towards Earth that will cause far worse to our planet than it’s ever seen before. Whatever the distraction, the show is unfolding before our very eyes and we’re the spectators and the expendable to those who fight against God. In reality, it’s a spiritual war. We cannot control what is already been put in place. But, we do know the outcome.

    • Yep, that’s rational. Let’s see if we can’t get in a war with China while we’re at it. And that could very well happen, since China is not at all willing to have the US on her border, which would be the situation if we demolished North Korea and the South took over. That, of course, assumes that there would be anyone left alive – there or here – to actually move into North Korea.
      This is the same short-sighted and violent nature that has always arisen in the “civilized” world. Burn them at the stake. Chop off their heads. Make cannon fodder. Kill in the name of peace. Brilliant.

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