Popular Fox News anchor denounces 9/11 truthers and Alex Jones: Caught on tape

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Carlson says that 9/11 being an ‘inside job’ is just a ‘crackpot theory’ that is backed with ‘no evidence’

(INTELLIHUB) — Seemingly right-leaning Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson previously revealed on camera how he thinks that 9/11 was not an ‘inside job’ and said that such a theory is just “too much” even for him to believe.

The flamboyant anchor was recently confronted for an off-air interview where he told “The Liberty Hound” that he believes the official story.

When asked for his take on the collapse of the 47 story tall World Trade Center 7, Tucker responded: “Come on. […] My macro view is that the buildings came down because a bunch of nutcases flew a plane into them.”

“I hate that 9/11 crap,” he said. “I think that people, before saying something that heavy, ought to present real evidence […].”

The famed Fox News anchor went on to acknowledge that ‘burning jet fuel’ brought down the towers.

“It has been looked into,” he said, before calling “The Liberty Hound” a parasite.

Additionally, Tucker said that radio talk show host Alex Jones “freaks” him out.

Featured Image: Screenshot via The Liberty Hound/YouTube

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  1. Condemnation before investigation.
    Sad to see it from Tucker, but it seems to afflict most Americans.
    People just don’t care enough to bother with even giving the most cursory of glances at whats been uncovered. Most people don’t even know about building 7. Or the lost $trillion investigation that got wiped out at the pentagon.

    Much easier to just say ‘conspiracy nut’ and then move on with life, than it is to put your biases aside, put your nose to the grindstone, and give an objective analysis of observable facts.

    What I don’t get, is how people who don’t even care enough to investigate in the slightest dare to call those who do, ‘insensitive to the victims’. Absurd inversion of reality. People who care, look into it; People who don’t, sweep it under the rug.

  2. I always liked Tucker but if he believes the BS story that MSM and the government spews then he is no better than any other MSM”reporter” I bet he believes Sandy Hook is real as well. Only Alex Jones tries to report the truth on that story. That kid should have been instructing the Military. Kills 26 people and not one person is injured. How gullible r people.

  3. 9/11 Truthers are just peeved that their Polar Bear Hugger was denied a Victory in Florida; THAT was why the 9/11 Truther Block was created… by the DNC itself to discredit and assault the then elected Honorable Esteemed President of the United States G. W. Bush. We still have too many Polar Bears. We still have a GW Bush walking FREELY anywhere he wants to walk… even did so on Canadian Soil where so many of you reside in pent up anger… Al Gore continues to push a Global Warming lie while Bolivians continue to dump toxic ass candy and Coke bottles into the Ocean waters unabated; LIBtardians refuse to admit those butt-Holes known as Bolivians could simply STOP doing it with the available technology; but only if US citizens are punished to pay for it. 9/11 was proof that Flying by Plane is the safest mode of transportation available… as long as you avoid butt hurt Arab’s and Muslims as co-passengers.

  4. its hard to believe that it could have been one of those reichstag moments… it sure had the same consequence and far as i can tell benefited only the defense contractors… 6 trillion dollars wasted. if it was a reichstag moment then the defense contractors/deep state did it. that one tower fell down like a demolition and wasnt hit by a plane. very suspicious to say the least.

    the retaliation has cost 6 trillion and yielded only more hate for this nation around the world… total 100 percent waste unless of course you are profiting from it somehow, and no average american has… wish we knew who to sue, be the biggest class action suit ever, the people of the usa vs the deep state

  5. tucker is part of the establishment… always has been, just recently he has canted his angle a little bit to take advantage of a niche. he has no impetus himself, just a counter puncher that takes opportunity when some person says something stupid. no nothing null zero nobody

  6. Normally i like Tucker but Tucker for being a bright individual you sure are wrong on the 9-11 thinking. On AJ, i agree he is a fruitcake. I shouldn’t be but am surprised if you voted for Killary, most at FOX FEAX News are left leaning.

  7. and this is news why???? So what, he made a comment. Media just stirring the shit. Or maybe Tucker has a bullseye on his back like some of the other FOX men? Watch your back, Tucker.

    • Which statement are you talking about? Not clear to me.

      I will say that there are some very compelling videos on YouTube from knowledgable people that can’t be explained by the “official” story. It has become clear that our government has lied to us numerous times about almost EVERYTHING.

        • Oh for god’s sake. GO TO YOUTUBE and take a look around at some of the videos. Look at them with an open mind and decide for yourself. Don’t take my word for it or the government’s or your mother’s or whatever. If you get out of your little world and educate yourself, you will be able to see how we have been lied to. Think Pearl Harbor, think FDR and how he was sick and it was hidden from the public, or what JFK did with the women and how his health condition was kept from us. How wars have always been about $$$ and not some noble humanitarian reason. Need I go on?

  8. I hardly ever watch his show.The other night, discussing Hillary with a guest, he said that he had voted for her. That told me all I need to know about “Tucker”.

  9. Look at Larry Silverstein, Frank Lowry, the Zionist elite Jew who allowed the sale to Silverstein et al. There were some very heavy hitters involved. Money, greed, corruption and treason all backed by Mossad. That is where you will find the culprits who did 9/11.
    These elite Zionist Jews know what they are doing to bring the best possible result for all of them to come about. .

  10. What Carlson fails to address, is the fact that in all 4 incidents, supposedly caused by an aircraft

    crashing into said buildings, to include the Twin-Towers, but not entering building 7 in the same

    proximity as the Twin-Towers, that no pieces of aircraft wreckage were discovered by authorities.

    Therefore, whatever Carlson maintains, September 11, 2001, was an inside job that included

    the current administration at the time, primarily, as the story is imparted, it was a matter of killing

    two birds with one stone, to satisfy the machinations of George “NAZI” Soros and his new World

    Order, alias, the Shadow Government. The Twin Towers complex were heavily insured, and they

    were considered an area that required to be torn down, because of asbestos or whatever,

    which would have been a costly enterprise, and the fact that one of Bush’s realitives, was somehow

    involved in the Twin Tower complex, adds to the mystery of the fall of the Twin Towers and building 7,

    where no, supposedly, an aircraft crashed into that building, but, as noted, all three building dropped

    in a similar fashion, to signify the process of inside demolition, as prescribed by demolition experts.

    Secondly, the current administration at the time, required a good excuse to go to war with Iraq and

    get rid of Saddam Hussein and steal his oil, etc, or whatever. The same excuse was executed when

    the 44th black turd of a Kenyan mutt of a POS of a Muslim POTUS and his girlfriend, Hillary Rotten

    Clinton, ensured that an attack on our American holdings in Benghazi, were conducted by irrate

    protestors and caused the deaths of 4 American citizens, to cover-up the fact that both the 44th

    POTUS and Hillary Rotten Clinton, were running guns to the Syrians rebels in their attempts to

    over-throw Assad, the dictator or Syria. In reality, this entire concoction was implemented to kidnap

    the American Ambassador, Chris Stevens, to be held as a captive, until Mr. Wonderful, the

    Black turd from Kenya, would trade the blind, Muslim Sheik, held in captivity in the United States,

    for the release of Stevens, to appear presidential, as he was facing a 2012 re-election, and if the

    reason for the Benghazi Affair become public, this Black turd from Kenya would have lost the 2012


    In conclusion, it clearly identifies how our American government things about the American people,

    as we are expendable entities, therefore, the American Government permitted almost 3000 individuals

    to perish in september 11, 2001 and blamed it upon a worthless video which was not shown in the

    Middle East. Remember too, FDR knew that the Japs were going to attack Pearl Harbor, but evidently

    the American Naval Commander of Hawaii, suspected something ill, as the Japs and the Americans

    were conducting discussions over the matter of how the Japs needed to cease the killings in China,

    for example, but FDR needed an excuse to enter the war countenanced by the Brits against Germany,

    in order to assis them, he and his cohorts devised a plan to force Japan to retaliate, by cutting all oil

    and scrap metal from purchase by the Japs. In order to save face, the Japs retaliated, knowing full-well,

    that they could not win against the power of the United States. The current Naval Commander at the

    time, therefore, moved the battleship from their moorings and sent them out to sea, where FDR got word

    of this, and ordered the battleships, back to Hawaii. And now you know the rest of the story, which

    coincides how the 43rd POTUS permitted the implosions of the Twin Tower Complex, in order to achieve

    the goals of the NWO, led by George “NAZI” Soros and the New World Order. In other words, our so-called

    American government, under the presidency of other Presidents, not counting our 45th POTUS, still regard

    the American people as expendable, which leaves me to believe that as long as there are wars to be fought,

    it is a direct means to eliminate human population on planet Earth, as one of the policies of the NWO.

    With the attack on Pearl Harbor and the Twin Tower incident, our American government permitted almost 6

    thousand people to lose their lives. Of all of the investigations currently in progress, these two incidents

    should warrant top priority, not an investigation of whether or not there was collusion between the current

    administration and the Russians, as Hillary Rotten Clinton would prefer to meditate upon.

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