There’s Something Wrong With Hillary

How is this dangerous sociopath still at large?

Hillary Clinton is like herpes. She’s painful, embarrassing, and won’t go away.

Herpes Hillary.

She’s a dangerous sociopath who needs to be locked up.

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  1. AND she is funding antifa.

    Antifa leader: Send viral

    The woman who organizing these violent rallies is Lisa Fithian anarchist and supported by George Soros. Look the hag up. She is called Professor occupy, organizes BLM Antifa and many others. She believe peace through violence, and destroying property and taking citizens houses. She says she is in Austin but at the moment she is at 305 tuxedo place Hawthorne NY staying with her mom and step dad Joe and Trudy Caruso. She is planning something in NY on Sept 30th and November 4th is organizing a march to drag out and kill Donald Trump. She always flies under the radar but one day she will meet her karma. Look the witch up, on google.

  2. why isnt she in JAIL like our “ONE TERM PRESIDENT” trump..Promised? if he said it,,and I herad him say it…thats a Promise or all intents and purposes!… ONE TERM!!!!!

    • Gosh, Ann, calm down and pop some popcorn……He’s only been there for 8 months….He’s been fighting all of the left and a good number of the right the whole time….All in good time….don’t worry.

      • AMNESTY to the ILLEGAL CRIMINAL MEXICAN INVADERS DREAMING (non citizen) SPAWN…thats what is going to make him a ONE TERM LOSER!

        • They haven’t even made any determination about DACA yet. BHussein’s executive order was going to expire. Congress makes the laws regarding immigration. It’ll be fine….Quit yelling.

          • did you ever lose a loved one by being murdered by an illegal criminal mexican invader?… I DIDN”T FUCKING THINK SO!!!… DONT TELL ME TO QUIT YELLING YOU SELF RIGHTOUS BIMBO!

  3. Seems ironic that most Americans know of her crimes, but the “sweet” government (@DOJ) won’t bring charges even with #GOP in charge. All are blackmailed, bought and paid for elites that somehow go along with the Clinton’s crimes.

  4. First, that lunatic is a psychopath. That MURDER FOR HIRE maniac has hired assassins to kill more than 60 people, many who were investigating her crimes or just knew too much about the criminal activities at the Clinton Foundation. Clinton is a prime example of someone who has committed far in excess of 30,000 felonies and bought her way out of prosecution with her criminal foundation’s bank account. She thinks she is untouchable and has gone rogue in every direction. My sincere hope is that Trump has made a conscious decision with the Judicial Department not to file charges until the Robert Mueller investigation is over, given that he represented the Clinton Foundation in their treasonous sale of 20% or our uranium supply to Russia. Trump should have had his lawyers argue against engaging Mueller given his close relationship with Comey, the Clintons and the fact that he has participated in a treasonous transaction that netted the Clinton Foundation $145 million in TAX FREE BRIBES. There is no question that the Clintons are conferring with Mueller in the harassment of the Trump administration. What kind of country have we evolved to where the biggest traitors and criminals in the history of he United States are guiding a Special Prosecutor investigation of POTUS when all of them should have been behind bars in 2012 after the murder of four Americans at the Benghazi Embassy which both Clinton and Obama were notified by the CIA, 10 days prior to the terror raid that the event would take place. Dead men tell no tales, meaning Obama and Clinton wanted them dead so they couldn’t come back to Washington DC to testify before Congress that the Benghazi Embassy was actually a military arms distribution center to terrorists, never authorized by Congress or Executive Order. To underscore the rationale of this fact, the CIA killed 15 Libyans who worked at the Benghazi embassy, shortly after the terror raid.

    • I always thought Obama was behind the death of Justice Scalia. The more I thought about it I now think it was the Clinton’s because she was so sure she was going to win. She could then appoint her own liberal.

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