CLAIM: Red Cross stole emergency supplies from the doorsteps of churches, then sold them for profit

(Natural News) A Houston-area woman has made an explosive allegation that the American Red Cross scooped up Hurricane Harvey relief supplies that poured in from all over the country, and supposedly sold some of them — like bottle water — for a profit. Other supplies were discarded in dumpsters.

In a Facebook video, Gina Nelms claimed that the Red Cross helped themselves to supplies such as clothing, baby food, diapers, and blankets that were the result of generous donations from concerned Americans that were brought in to the disaster area on 18 wheelers.

Boxes of supplies had temporarily piled up in front of churches as hard-working volunteers worked to bring them inside.

That’s when the Red Cross showed up, Nelms alleges in the Facebook video that has received almost 6 million views as of this writing.

The Red Cross was physically taking the donations from the doorsteps of these churches and putting them into their trucks. Red Cross came to the church with volunteers and began to steal the donations…from people who literally had nothing…

Nelms added that after hauling the supplies back to Red Cross shelters, Red Cross operatives tossed supplies that the organization couldn’t resell into dumpsters. She also asserts that she has pictures “of the dumpsters where they were burning millions in donations.”

The Gateway Pundit website indicated that it reached out to the Red Cross for comment, but its story has not been updated with a response as yet.

Nelms also claims that the Red Cross is protected by an Obama-era Executive Order, EO 13603, signed on March 16, 2012, regarding “National Defense Resources Preparedness.”

Although not a federal agency, the nonprofit, tax-exempt Red Cross describes itself as maintaining a “special and unique relationship” with the federal government as a “federal instrumentality” flowing from delegated authority to engage in disaster relief pursuant to its charter. Whether that brings the charitable institution under EO 13603 or not is unclear.

According to Nelms, moreover, for every $10 donated to the Red Cross, only 90 cents reaches disaster victims.

Separately, as of the end of August, the Red Cross said it had spent $50 million on Harvey relief, primarily on 232 shelters for nearly 70,000 evacuees. A Red Cross executive was unable to tell NPR at the time how much of each donated dollar was going to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, however.

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A 2016 U.S. Senate study concluded that of approximately $500 million raised by the Red Cross for Haiti earthquake relief in 2010, $124 million was spent on internal expenses.

The Red Cross is currently soliciting donations on TV for hurricane relief. As of late August, via his Twitter feed, Obama was still encouraging donations to the Red Cross to help Hurricane Harvey victims.

In 2016, Natural News founder Mike Adams revealed that the Red Cross apparently only managed to build six permanent homes in Haiti, despite the post-quake outpouring of donations. (Related: Read more about alleged improprieties at

Watch the video below and draw your own conclusions.

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  1. This has been going on at least since Vietnam.They have done so much wrong to so many and yet are praised at every turn. When people are at there lowest, the Red Cross knew they could get away with most everything. Those millions of dollar salaries of the directors are really appreciated, I am sure.

  2. Selling donations? I have told people for years not to donate to the Red Cross, but this is reprehensible, and not the first time they decided they needed to “sort and distribute” your donations not given to them.

      • That EO, if I’m not mistaken, gives the government power to seize all food and water supplies, as well as the control of all utilities, all modes of transportation, farm equipment, and basically anything under private ownership, in an emergency, or just because. I don’t know why it would give power to the Red Cross, but this is not the first time they have decided they needed to seize donations for distribution. What’s disgusting is them selling donations to victims of a disaster, especially since they not only didn’t pay for them, they didn’t even collect them.

        • Your knowledge of that EO is solid, but I do not think Trump would use it to rob churches, so I think it is Red Cross arrogance, which comes from years of “doing well” to get rich. The ratio of administration fees match about that of the Clinton Foundation, which sucks.

          • I agree. This is not new behavior by the RC. I don”t believe for one minute they were given Federal authorization to do this. This has been reported in the past, as the RC believes, they, and only they are allowed to distribute donations…..donations not made to their organization. In the past they have rejected blankets and other necessities, because they weren’t received properly by their organization. Now it looks like they just loot, sell, or destroy.

  3. The Criminals that run the Red Cross have always been Racketeers, Thieves and Organized Crime Members. These are the people who infected and killed thousands with the Infectious blood from the Arkansas prison system Distributed worldwide while Criminal Bill Clinton robbed the people and operated his Drug empire at Mena Arkansas.

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