As the possibility that the Las Vegas mass shooting was some sort of false flag operation increases on an hourly basis, new video has emerged that seems to directly contain audio confirmation that a shooter was firing an automatic weapon from ground level.

In the video, which is amazingly over an hour long, you can not only hear gunfire and its echo in the distance for much of the time, you can also hear shots fired literally right near the frightened couple who filmed their entire escape from the concert.

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Near the 49:50 mark you can hear the beginning of the ground level shots being fired.

Take note that this footage has NOT been addressed by any of the authorities who have seemingly totally ignored its existence while continuing to claim that only one shooter operated from the 32nd floor of the hotel.

Most likely, the same officials (and media outlets for that matter) who are covering up the obvious possibility of multiple shooters are the very people who directly lied about when Stephen Paddock actually checked into the hotel in the first place.

As I reported for SHTFPlan.com, new photos released by investigative reporter Laura Loomer prove that authorities absolutely lied about at least two different aspects of the case.

Now, new information released by investigative reporter Laura Loomer proves that authorities have directly lied to the American people about the case at least once by claiming that supposed shooter Stephen Paddock checked into the Mandalay Bay Hotel on September 28th when valet records (with photos) prove he actually arrived three days earlier.

According to Loomer, she obtained the image from a source which shows that Paddock’s car first arrived September 25th. The photo even has a handwritten note that was reportedly written by an FBI agent – proving that the FBI specifically lied to the country.

The picture “proves FBI misled public about #StephenPaddock’s check in date,” Loomer Tweeted.


Obviously the official narrative surrounding the Las Vegas mass shooting is completely falling apart with any information put out by so-called official sources being possible disinformation.

What do you think?

Does the above video prove that there were shooters on the ground? Is a cover-up currently underway?

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