Let’s face it, everything we are being told about the Las Vegas shooting simply does not add up, and I’ll be writing a couple of articles on some of these things today, along with what appears to be a massive obstruction of justice being undertaken by the FBI.

Still, on Friday, investigative reporter Laura Loomer and Mike Tokes were barred from entering Sheriff Joe Lombardo’s long-awaited press conference, but the question is, why?

Let’s take a look at some snippets from the press conference and perhaps we can determine the reason.

So, Sheriff Lombardo is offended at the fact that some of us in the media look at what’s going on in Vegas concerning this investigation as an episode of Keystone Cops.  However, with the continuing change of the timeline, it does beg the question of whether or not the American people are getting the truth about this investigation.

Here’s Lombardo on Monday saying that Campos was shot a full 6 minutes before the times previously alleged.

And that’s just one element of this.

Let’s ask why Las Vegas Police blocked independent investigative journalists Laura Loomer and Mike Tokes from entering Lombardo’s press conference on Friday.

@lvmpd has refused our access to the press conference and has an armed officer guarding the door. This is outrageous,” tweeted Tokes.

“@MikeTokes & I were not allowed inside the @LVMPD @FBI #LasVegasShooting press conference today. We’re in the lobby. Officer blocking door,” Loomer echoed in a tweet.


She would follow up with, “Translation: “We don’t want real investigative journalists asking real questions. Only lying MSM are welcome.
Too bad MSM is complicit.”


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The blocking of their entrance came hours after Loomer visited the home of Jesus Campos, where a security company that is apparently a fraud was providing security for the family.  The family also confirmed that they were told not to talk to anyone, essentially putting a gag order on them.

Loomer doorstopped the Campos home after Campos failed to show up for several national media interviews, including Sean Hannity.




She then videoed her questioning of the man providing security to the Campos home, who would not confirm where Campos was at or even if he was still alive.


“You said that you worked for OnScene, a security company,” she told the man providing security.  “We did a background check…. and the business license expired in January 2017 and has a virtual address… so the company that you work for…. is it a real company? Or is it just some type of a shill company that the FBI or DHS is using?”

So, the question remains, why were Loomer and Tokes not allowed in the presser?  Loomer theorized on Saturday that he is probably feeling pressure from the FBI.

“Most police officers are great people. In fact, I’m willing to bet  is a good guy. He’s probably being pressured by ,” she tweeted.


She went on to criticize the media for not doing their jobs with real investigative reporting and she gave a pretty good reason why they will not do so.

“The thing ppl need to ubderstand [sic] is  and the MSM/  media don’t want the public knowing the truth. It’s bad for business,” she tweeted.

“The media in  is completely dependent on advertisements from casinos. If they negatively report on , they’ll lose $,” she added.



“We live in a world today where most “journalists” care more about their pay check and promotion than telling the truth. Very selfish people,” Loomer tweeted shortly after.  “I promise you, journalists are some of the most shady dishonest people you’ll ever meet. In NY, the rats live in the news rooms & subway.”



Finally, she said what everyone who is paying attention already knows.

“100% true. The “Fourth Estate” is no longer the people’s watchdog. It no longer serves the public’s interest,” she tweeted of the corporately owned press.


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