A massive 3/4 mile tall wall-like structure has been located on the bottom of the seafloor which spans a distance of over 10,000 miles

(INTELLIHUB) — A massive wall-like structure has been located spanning over 10,000 miles of the seafloor on Google Earth, from Antarctica to the North Pole.

The structure appears to be nearly three-quarters of a mile tall and appears to be elevated above the seafloor, held in place by some type of supports.

Gate-like entrances can be found in various places along the wall, some as wide as 8 miles.

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What looks like massive tracks can also be seen crossing through these gate-like sections.

The structure emerges from Antarctica’s Glomar Challenger Basin and runs almost due north across the seafloor.

The structure appears to have been a secret, until now.

If you have any information on this structure or any ideas to what it could be please comment below.

Some suggest the “wall” could be some sort of “data error” or “stitching issue” with Google Maps.

You decide.

Featured Image: Screenshot via Google Earth
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