“Just keep your mouth shut and pay black women”


Leftists and social justice warriors are demanding that black women be paid money and given arbitrary positions of power as a reward for them helping Doug Jones defeat Roy Moore.

Black women made up 17% of the vote in Tuesday’s Alabama Senate special election, with 98% of that figure voting for Democrat Jones and just 2% voting for Roy Moore.

This prompted ‘Black Women’ to start trending on Twitter, with leftists piling in to aggressively demand that white people shut up and hand over money to African-Americans simply because they voted for the candidate of their choice.

“Thank black women by supporting black women. Pay us. Vote with us. Hire us. Read our writing. Fund our projects and ministries. Vote us into office. Purchase from our businesses. Amplify us. Stand against racism and sexism,” tweeted writer Austin Channing.

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Journalist Torraine Walker, although clearly not a woman (time to check that privilege), said that since black women ‘saved the day’ in Alabama, it was time to “start demanding a return on that investment”.

Another user decided to tweet what appears to be some kind of poem, repeating the line “pay black women” five times.

This user was more succinct, simply demanding, “Just keep your mouth shut & pay black women.”


Policy analyst Michael Richardson went beyond just demanding monetary restitution, asking that black women be given positions of power.

Another called on supporters to step up and fight back, “when publications and miscellaneous folks find a way to dump on us.”

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“Get your fucking house in order. We’re not going to bail you out every single time,” she added.

One user called ‘Progressive Dad’ told author Molly Knight to check her privilege and be silent for black women, even though Knight was supporting them.

“Black women of Alabama walking into work tomorrow knowing they defeated their MAGA coworkers,” gloated another user underneath a video of black women dancing.

As Chris Menahan notes, “Ashleigh Shackelford was criticized last year for delivering a lecture to white allies where she said “all white people are racist” and requested they deposit cash into her PayPal account, but clearly she was just ahead of her time.”

As we reported earlier, numerous prominent leftists also seized upon the election result to mock and insult white people.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.