With everything you’ve seen thus far from the State of the Union address, the Democrat-Progressives, and Left-leaning Republicans are arraying themselves against the President. Never have so many movie stars, oligarchs, and media mouthpieces threatened the President of the United States with bodily harm (veiled, or overtly) without repercussions. Soon the FISA memorandum will be made public. The makings of a true civil war are formulating before our very eyes.

What this means is that we have a government that is divided, but the division is not an even split. Most of the politicos (we don’t have representation in the United States Congress anymore) want to see complete control over the people with individual rights removed. They want this. For proof? It was a Republican (Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-VA)who introduced H.R. 4760, with a “harmless and patriotic” title for the public to gobble down with a smile: The Securing America’s Future Act of 2018. Wonder how much they paid “Smilin’ Bob” to introduce that one?A harmless, patriotic act in our national interests, yes?

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No. Securing the citizenry under the “lock and key” of a National ID Card with biometric data and complete storage of individual records back to the time of birth.

The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution: it will be gone with “the stroke of a pen…. the law of the land,” to paraphrase Paul Begala. Left out are the words “kind of neat” he finished the statement with. That is because it is not neat, nor will the whole situation end neatly. The President vowed to drain the swamp, and now he (and any who support his policies) will face an attack by the Deep State: The Military Industrial Complex (MIC), the Oligarchy (yes, of the ilk of the Zuckerberg’s, Soros’s, Gates, and Buffets), the Obama holdovers (too numerous to count) currently in the administration, and Republican 5thcolumnists masquerading as conservatives but in reality, Marxist-Totalitarians.

This “Deep State Army” are joining forces to topple the current administration, return the “paradigm shift” to the left at full speed, and bring the U.S. down…toward a global governance. Joining hands with them are the Democratic party entire, and all the liberal Democrat citizen-puppets, along with an army of clueless idiots who believe they are obliged to abandon conservative values for the sake of “unifying” with the liberals.

This bill H.R. 4760 is a “backlash” of the mandatory clause of the Affordable Health Care Law being overturned: the law is now “toothless,” as it is no longer mandatory to have it. This poses a problem for these globalists. Now, here we go on the bandwagon again in another direction…another parade…this time to “Secure America’s Future,” by making sure [that means through force…all authority is enforced and maintained with the barrel of a firearm] everyone…citizen, illegal alien, or “guest” worker/visitor…has a National ID card with biometric data.

The State cannot be beaten: Not unless the people either remove the politicians and reform the policies, or (if that isn’t possible) they must revolt. The United States (with this bill 4760) intends to hire more than 25,000 additional border patrol agents. Do you know why?

It is to keep the taxpayer-serfs in, not to keep the illegals out.

The State has unlimited resources, and the bureaucracy and infrastructure to deploy those resources. The State has federalized the National Guard units, the local and state law enforcement, and militarized all of them with weapons, equipment, APC’s (armored personnel carriers), and millions of rounds of ammunition. The State has multiplied itself into so many federal agencies that it is impossible to keep track of all of them. The State has armed all federal employees to the teeth, even those originally comical “Keystone Cop” organizations, such as the Social Security Administration, the Motor Vehicle Administration, and the Post Office.

Pull up the article Police State? National ID Card Tucked in Immigration Bill to see the details.

There is a precept that has not been mentioned. There is something the Deep State wishes, and yet is terrified of all the same. They desire a war with North Korea. It would be a simple matter afterward to round up and control all the survivors, especially as such a thing could be “timed” to appear spontaneous, yet when the Deep State had prepared with ample warning…as they will precipitate it.

The terrifying part to them? If it is an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack, it will render the surveillance grid inoperable for at least a time. They do not wish to lose the surveillance net they have been “crafting” all these years with the help of Facebook, Verizon, Google, and the other companies of the MIC. The chipmunk-toothed, squinty-eyed sixty-pluses with soft hands and full bellies…the CEO’s and oligarchs who have sequestered armies of military and security personnel to protect them…they will be in bunkers when it begins, sipping on a 21-year-old Portwood Balvenie.

Former Congressman Ron Paul has launched a campaign against this new House bill. Here is an excerpt from the referenced article:

“The biometric identification information on the cards, Paul warns, which could include fingerprints, retinal scans, or scans of veins on the back of hands, could easily be used as a tracking device. Paul noted that the law would require all employers to purchase an ID scanner to verify the cards, and he fears that it would be only a matter of time that ID scans would be required for routine purchases. The national ID card, the former congressman recalls, was a key portion of the failed “comprehensive immigration reform” bills both parties tried to pass during the Obama administration.

“Now, using the momentum behind Trump’s tough talk on immigration and border security, I’m afraid the statists believe the best way to finally enact their National ID scheme is by promoting their bill on Capitol Hill as a ‘DACA fix’ while they sell it to the GOP base as a border ‘security’ measure,” he writes.”

As you can see, this is serious. The Deep State is playing for keeps. The big question remains: “How will the President combat and defeat these forces arrayed against him, if his stance is for real, and he’s not just playing a part as a “prop” in the unfolding battle?” We must take that viewpoint as a possibility as well: that he may just be “making it look good…kicking and fighting,” although he’s really on their side. Hopefully he’s on our side. We haven’t had anyone on “our” side…the side of “We the People,” in a long time. One thing is for sure: the fight is just getting started, and it’s going to be a long one without a clear-cut victory for quite some time, if we do win.

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