Former Vice President Joe Biden engaged in a discussion last Thursday at the University of Pennsylvania and, once again, demonstrated that he should never have held a single public office due to his ignorance of the Constitution, something that applies to many who serve the people of America.

During that discussion, Biden claims that many people are “very badly” interpreting the Second Amendment.

“I think there’s a Second Amendment,” Biden said while those of us watching said, “duh.”  “I think the Second Amendment is being very badly interpreted. It’s not consistent with what they’re — our founders intended, in my view.”

However, Biden, like many Socialists and Marxists he associates with, including the usurper Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah, say things about the founders but fail to provide any recitation of context from the founders to back up their “view,” because if they did, they wouldn’t have that view.

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“You saw Justice John Paul Stevens say that we should — because it’s been so prostituted, we should repeal the Second Amendment,” Biden said, as if we should listen to him about “prostituting” with his creepy behavior around women.  “It was about a standing militia. It’s a long story. I won’t go into all the legal side of that having taught it in law school. But there’s rational or irrational policy.”

Well, yes, it is about a militia, but it also is about the God-given right to keep and bear arms by “the people” that shall not be infringed Mr. Biden.  Who is the militia made of?  It’s the people!

The reason he won’t go into the “long story” is because he can’t.  He is unable to draw from history to present such a case unless he leaves out relevant recitations from the founders, the very men who penned and ratified the Second Amendment.

“What’s happened here is, the nation as a whole has decided it can no longer, in my view, continue to turn a blind eye to the prostitution of the Second Amendment here, and no longer can turn a blind eye to the enormous damage being done, not just in our schools, but on our streets, right here in Philly and Wilmington, Delaware, where I’m from, every night,” he added.

Again, that’s your view, Mr. Biden, but it was not the founders’ view.

These statements are coming from a man who promoted and stood by a usurper to the White House without proper credentials to be there and when he and Obama were promoting unconstitutional gun legislation, he had the nerve to say that the administration he served in just didn’t have time to prosecute people who lied on their forms to obtain guns, but apparently, they have time to push more gun legislation.  How will they have time to prosecute and confiscate guns under any new unconstitutional “laws” if they can’t deal with those who lie on forms to get guns?  Anyone else see a problem here?

The Obama administration rarely prosecuted criminals who sought to purchase guns illegally.

When it comes to prostituting though, I must say that both Barack Obama, Joe Biden and many Democrats and Republics are prostituting the Constitution and the rights of the American people to the highest bidders.  This has not only been evidence when it comes to the Second Amendment, but it was evident when the IRS was handing out non-profit status to organizations tied to Islamic terror while shunning conservative non-profit applications, the illegal gun running operation known as Fast and Furious (oh, the irony) that led to the deaths of two federal agents, hundreds of Mexicans and contempt of Congress for Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder.   Several other scandals could be cited to demonstrate the prostitution of the Obama administration in which Biden served but failed to speak out against.  To suffice, we know of nearly 1,200 lies, violations of law, cronyism and other atrocities that are documented here by the Obama administration.

Mr. Biden would do well to take a look at both Ben Swann’s excellent article about the militia and the Second Amendment, as well as Leon Puissegur’s article concerning just how the founders viewed arms and the right to keep and bear them under the Second Amendment.

However, his words are only more indication of the fact that people like Biden are coming for the guns of Americans. 

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost

Tim Brown is an author and Editor at and He is husband to his “more precious than rubies” wife, father of 10 “mighty arrows”, jack of all trades, Christian and lover of liberty. He resides in the U.S. occupied Great State of South Carolina. . Follow Tim on Twitter. Also check him out on Gab and Steemit

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