Amazon’s Alexa device is back in the spotlight after people began taking notice of the response they got when asking about chemtrails.  The actual response, however, is freaking out the “we buy the official narrative about everything and believe everything the government says” crowd.

Alexa stirred some controversy in the past for her “response” when asked if she worked for the CIA.  The device didn’t actually give a response, rather, it just shut down.

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But check out what happens when simply asking Alexa “what are chemtrails?”

Of course, that’s not the response the sheeple in the population were hoping for. They wanted a quick validation that all of their faith in the government has been well-founded and they would never be lied to. Most are actually so physically uncomfortable with response (because there’s no way the government would ever lie to them) to the point that they immediately go to the “conspiracy theory” comments.

If ever anyone wants to know why alternative media has gained a foothold, it’s for the simple fact that those who dare to question the mainstream media’s version of events; are to be labeled as false and “conspiracy theorists,” even though their views obviously make the most sense. Conspiracy theorists don’t only have to believe in alien abduction or reptilian creatures anymore. Now, all they have to do is question authority or the media’s scripted version of events; and that was by design as well. –The Daily Sheeple

Any time a credible but politically unpalatable explanation for real world events is expressed in the American public sphere, it is often denounced as “conspiracy theory”, then dismissed and studiously ignored by the mass media. Public opinion, the public herd mind, obediently follows suit and closes itself to any such crazy conspiracy talk. –Econintersect

The cognitive dissonance is real.

IFL Science said:

It turns out that Alexa might not be the best source of information if you want to learn about chemtrails. If you ask Alexa about “chemtrails”, it appears it will go full Alexa Jones on you, and give you a tin-foil hat conspiracy theory that takes you to the very heart of government.

But all Alexa did was give the actual definition of a chemtrail. So why all the scary conspiracy nonsense? That is by design. When asked, the Amazon Echo Dot Alexa gave the very accurate response:

“Chemtrails. Trails left by aircraft are actually chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for a purpose undisclosed to the general public in clandestine programs directed by government officials.”

What’s even more fascinating, is that the propagandists upset about Alexa giving a correct definition actually made such a big deal about it, that the product will now no longer give you the definition of a “chemtrail.” It’ll instead, tell you what a “contrail” is.

Since the flaw in the Echo Dot’s reasoning was found, Amazon has updated the response. The device will now explain to you what contrails are, rather than give you a conspiracy theory response that will send you down a rabbit hole that leads you to believe the Deep State is hiding the truth about the Earth being flat. –IFL Science

Remember, these are the same people that needed Google to change the definition of fascism because the correct definition doesn’t make them look all that good. The simple fact that people were upset that the delicate balance of lies was upended in their minds to the point they had to have the response changed to fit their biased belief is all the indication most need to know that asking questions is how we get the truth; not some blind allegiance to the mainstream media and government agents.

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