Let me say out of the gate, it is already illegal to ban guns law-abiding citizens anywhere in the united States because our Constitution recognizes a God-given “right to keep and bear arms.”  With that said, too many in our society think they can just willy nilly write “laws,” which are actually pretended legislation, to ban guns.  Well, several counties in Oregon have had enough and are advancing what they call “Second Amendment Preservation” ordinances to make it illegal to ban guns.

The move comes from several counties across Oregon due to Initiative Proposition 43 (IP43), which seeks to ban certain types of weapons and other accessories.

The item may appear on the ballot in November and according to the measure:

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This initiative would ban certain firearms defined by the initiative as assault weapons and ammunition magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds. Specifically, the initiative would prohibit the manufacture, import, sale, purchase, transfer, or possession of the following and make violation a Class B felony:

  • any semiautomatic rifle with a detachable magazine and any of the following features:
    • a grip, such as a pistol grip or thumbhole stock, designed to allow the operators trigger hand to be directly below the action of the rifle while firing rather than behind the firing action of the rifle as with most traditional hunting rifles;
    • any grip or shroud that can be held by the non-trigger hand while firing;
    • a flash suppressor or muzzle break/compensator or reduce recoil;
    • a bayonet mount or grenade/flare launcher;
  • any semiautomatic pistol or rifle with a fixed ammunition magazine with a capacity of more than 10 rounds;
  • any semiautomatic rifle shorter than 30 inches;
  • a semiautomatic pistol with one of the following:
    • any secondary grip or barrel cover that can be held by the non-trigger hand while firing;
    • a folding, telescoping, or thumbhole stock;
    • the ability to accept an ammunition magazine in any other location than into the grip;
    • a threaded barrel that can accept a silencer;
  • any semiautomatic shotgun with any of the following features:
    • a pistol or thumbhole grip combined with a folding or telescoping stock;
    • a fixed ammunition magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds;
    • an ability to receive a detachable ammunition magazine;
    • a revolving cylinder magazine
  • any kit or combination of parts able to convert a firearm in any of the ways prohibited above.

Of course, government is always looking out after itself and as such, there would be exceptions to government officials, military personnel, and police officers.

Furthermore, the “generous” government would allow its slaves to keep their banned firearms provided they permanently made them inoperable.

In response, counties are fighting back.  Klamath and Deschutes Counties are advancing a county-wide ordinance that would disallow the sheriff from enforcing either state or federal law that infringe on the people’s right to keep and bear arms.

Klamath County resident Timothy Harris filed a petition titled K-18-1.  According to that petition:

Preserve the right of the People of, on and in Klamath County to:
Keep and bear arms as originally understood; in self-defense and preservation, and in defense of one’s community and country.
Freely manufacture, transfer, sell and buy firearms, firearm accessories and ammunition, which are designed primarily for the same purposes.

In Deschutes County, Jerrad Robinson filed a similar ordinance and in Columbia County another was filed.

Each of those ordinances prevent those in local law enforcement from carrying out state or federal laws that infringed on the people’s rights, like those in IP43.  They effectively ban gun bans.

IP43 essentially turns law-abiding citizens into criminals overnight under the color of law, even though the law itself is criminal in nature.  Any violation of the initiative would be a Class B felony!

Representative Bill Post (R) has been letting citizens of Oregon know about the potential ballot initiative.

“This is completely out of hand,” he said.  “I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been told so many times by people in favor of gun control: ‘no one is coming to take your guns.’ This (IP43) explicitly comes for your guns.”

Well, yeah!  It’s because they are either liars or ignorant and most are not ignorant.

“This got zero comment or help from anybody in Oregon’s Democratic leadership,” Post added.  “The reason they’re not supporting this is that they’re not stupid. They know this would bring out the greatest red (Republican) wave of votes in Oregon history.”

Sadly, stupid church leaders are promoting this in the wake of the Parkland shooting and the March for Our Lives useful idiots’ protest.

Pastor Mark Knutson of the Augustana Lutheran Church in Portland said, “Young people in this country are crying out.  This is the moment in time where we need to step alongside them as adults and do our part with them.”

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Our part should be to remind them that tyrants take weapons, slaves have no arms and the results of a disarmed society.  It should be to remind them of our duty before God, the history of our nation and the history of governments who disarmed their people to the tune of tens of millions of people murdered due to the first steps of gun confiscation.

Sadly, Rep. Post wants to issue his own brand of “common sense” gun legislation.

“We must do something,” he said.  “But this is crazy.”

The National Rifle Association responded to the measure:

This initiative seeks to ban all semi-automatic rifles that fall under its version of the “Assault Weapon” category.  In this case, it considers any semi-automatic rifle capable of accepting a detachable magazine, and also having one arbitrarily determined cosmetic feature, to be subject to the ban.  Such cosmetic features include certain stock configurations that have no relationship to how the firearm operates, as well as other attachments that have no impact on the firearm’s actual function.  By comparison, when the failed federal “Assault Weapons” ban of 1994 was passed, it required two of these features to be banned.

In addition, proponents of this attack on law-abiding gun owners want to target those who use virtually any semi-automatic handgun for personal protection. As with rifles, Initiative Petition 43 changes the old federal ban threshold from having two features to having only one.  It also bans any semi-automatic handgun with a magazine capacity over ten rounds.  That means most modern semi-automatic handguns.

Semi-automatic shotguns would also be banned based on the new one-feature test.

Beyond the firearms themselves, this proposal also seeks to outlaw countless magazines, including those that are commonly sold with any number of rifles, handguns, and shotguns.  At this point, proponents of Oregon Initiative Petition 43 have drawn the line at magazines capable of handling more than 10 rounds, but similar proposal throughout the country have ranged widely in their limits.  At least one restriction “allows” only five rounds.  In the end, anti-gun extremists will always seek to impose whatever magazine limitations they feel they can achieve.  Today, in Oregon, that limit is ten rounds.

Should this proposal become law, and a law-abiding citizen who possesses one of these newly restricted items wishes to remain law-abiding, he or she will be required to either surrender it within 120 days, or register it and commit to storing it according to Oregon’s “safe storage” requirements.  Anyone who moves into Oregon with an affected item (magazine or firearm) would be required to dispose of it.

The truth is that banning arms and accessories to those arms will not stop violent criminals who use guns.  It will be an unlawful move that infringes on the very rights said government is supposed to protect, as that is what the people elected them to do.

One thing we already know and that is many sheriffs in Oregon have already took a stand like this without law beign written because they are duty bound to defend the rights of the people.

Here’s just a few examples from the Obama era.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost

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