Hello fellow patriots! Today is a new day here at D.C. Clothesline.

The last few years have been tough for alternative media. In the year before Trump’s election the censorship started in earnest and has only intensified since his election. Below is a screenshot of our site stat summaries from 2013 until now…

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As you can see, things peaked in late 2014, when this site was averaging over 107,000 page views per day, and have now become embarrassingly low. Currently, for this month we are averaging just over 8,000 views per day. We are failing. But failure is never permanent.

Are we defeated? Are we broke? Most importantly, are we broken?

Well we can barely keep the site running at this point. Our income barely pays for hosting. But no one said anything worthwhile in life would ever be easy!

I have made a decision to fight back. THIS IS A WAR THAT WE CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE! Too much is at stake.

Surviving the next few months will be hard. Any sane businessman would have already pulled the plug on D.C. Clothesline. It’s not just censorship, advertisers are also leaving in droves. They don’t want the inconvenient controversy that comes with being associated with the truth. They prefer to spend their ad dollars on fake news, mainstream media sites to avoid the spotlight. They know Americans are blind, so they can make more money by supporting the lying mainstream media.

Luckily, I am not a businessman so quitting is not going to happen. I am a proud Christian Patriot and I care about America. I will not bow to these socialists and their vision for My America.

So I have prayed and sought counsel from many. I have brainstormed and lost sleep looking for solutions.

In the end there is only one solution. We have to expand.

Here are the things that need to happen in late 2018 and beyond…

Site Tweaks…

We have started to do small things like adding web notifications to avoid total dependence on social media (our Facebook views have fallen from 40,000 daily to 800) and search engines (with de-listing our search hits have fallen from 6,000 daily to 600). People can’t read stories that they cannot find. I’ve already incorporated some web notifications for PCs and will do the same for phones and other devices in coming weeks.

A Sister Site…

A couple of days ago I registered www.dcdirtylaundry.com. There is nothing there yet. We have a deal in place with some developers who will be creating the site and launching our expansion, likely within 30 days. Why is this necessary?

Because D.C. Clothesline is blocked everywhere. Once you are blackballed by social media, search engines and ad networks there is no easy way to come back. Our site will remain operational and the companion site is simply a chance to get back some of the readers we have lost.

UPDATE: 7-22-18:

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The new site is fully functional but still in development. Traffic is starting to grow and we have had a couple of articles go over very well. There is some content there, especially in recent days, that is not found on DC Clothesline. Visit the new site here. Be sure to sign up for site notifications if you have not already. This is done so by authorizing us to send you updates through the pop up box that loads when you enter the site. If you have not already signed-up or disabled it, it should appear.

Re-committing myself…

You don’t need another sob story so I’ll keep this brief. 3 years ago I had my first of 4 mild strokes and the hours I have been able to devote have been limited. In addition I have a 16 month old son who has had 4 heart surgeries and suffers from epilepsy. We spent half of the last year living in St. Louis, MO so he could have the best medical treatment. Things have not been easy in the Garrison household. But I am shaking the cobwebs loose and starting to gain focus again. You may have noticed I have started writing again in recent weeks.

The Granddaddy plan to beat them all…

We certainly all hold out hope that the internet landscape will change. But I have to plan for the probability that it never will. How can we get the word out while avoiding the rampant censorship? There is only one way that I know… THE U.S. MAIL.

I’ve been self-employed for most of my life and one of the many businesses I have run was a successful direct mail publishing house. One of our projects was a print magazine for small businesses.

They can read your email, block you from seeing sites on the internet and even listen in on your phone calls. But for now you are not blocked from receiving free speech through the mail.

At our peak we put out over 250,000 pieces of mail per week with a 5 person crew. I know how it’s done. The machines that made this possible, unfortunately, cost me almost $5,000 a month in lease payments. That doesn’t include labor and other overhead.

But eventually I will start a direct mail newsletter or magazine to make sure the truth gets out again. I can’t yet afford $5,000 in monthly leases, nor the staff to man the machines, but that is where we are headed.

I know full well that people want their news now. But the internet is severely compromised. People will have to change back to old-school thought and learn to read their news from a piece of paper again. That is the only way we can get the truth out in my estimation. We will have to develop stories that have value and go in-depth, rather than quick news snippets that feed the instant gratification needs in all of us. But it can and will be done. If you are looking to start pr partner in a new business venture, and have capital, please email me at [email protected]

I will fight until the air leaves my body. This is who I am and I will not let my fellow Americans down. I could use your help if you like my vision for the future. If not I appreciate your past, present and future readership and efforts to spread the truth. Fight on!

If you can donate, please do so by hitting the paypal link below. (Editor’s Note: Since first publishing this, we have been shut down by PayPal as well. LOL Game on boys!) UPDATE 8-20-18 A second fundraising site has dumped us, so we are now with GoFundMe.

Please Donate at our new fundraising site: GoFundMe

Thanks and God Bless You,

Dean Garrison