I know, I know, “conspiracy theory” is what I will hear from some, but it’s not a theory, and 9-11 was definitely a conspiracy, but we know that Saudi Arabia was involved in 9-11.  We also know that their involvement was covered up and has resulted in a nearly 2 decades long war in Afghanistan.  Now, the question is being asked, will President Donald Trump expose Robert Mueller’s role in keeping families from suing Saudi Arabia?

As we have reported previously, both the Saudis and the Iranian Mullahs were a part of 9-11, but I suggest there is more going on, even within the ranks of the US government, and so do others.

For more on that, check out the following articles:

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Take a look at this interview on Tucker Carlson with 9-11 families attorney Jim Kreindler.

To be fair, this is the same Tucker Carlson that declared if you don’t believe the official story of 9-11, you’re a moron.  Just saying.

Paul Joesph Watson reports:

Mueller has been involved in the systematic cover-up of the true circumstances behind 9/11 since day one, which is why he has been a constant roadblock to victim’s families who are attempting to seek compensation from Saudi Arabia for their role in the attacks.

During an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show last night, attorney for 9/11 victim’s families Jim Kreindler said that rush to war with Iraq meant that the Saudi connection to 9/11 needed to be buried and Mueller was instrumental in making this happen.

This is why the Bush administration allowed prominent Saudis, including members of the Bin Laden family, to leave the country even as flights were grounded nationwide.

He underscored how George W. Bush was “good friends with the Saudi ambassador, who….gave $25,000 to one of the government agents who were helping Hosni and Mihdhar, the two terrorists.”

“There was this huge body of evidence that Saudi government officials prepared for the hijackers’ arrival, helped them, got them money, English lessons, safe houses and apartments, and provided the aid without which it would have been impossible, according to the FBI agents who were working the case, for the terrorists to succeed,” said Kreindler.

The attorney stressed that instead of investigating this story, Mueller covered it up.

“Interrogations were shut down, documents have been kept secret,” said Kreindler.

However, this was not just the response of the Bush administration. This occurred under Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah and then-FBI Director James Comey.

9-11 families have been demanding that government documents that would clearly show Saudi involvement be released, and earlier this year.

While the Obama administration oversaw the veto of a bill that would allow victims’ families to sue the Saudis, a court ruled earlier this year that there was enough evidence for families to sue them.

“There is no reason for thousands of documents that reveal both the Saudi role and our own government’s cover-up for 17 years to be kept secret,” said Kreindler.

Kathy Owens, who lost her husband on 9/11, joined Carlson as well and claims that Mueller “covered up and stifled the investigation into who was responsible for supporting the hijackers.”

According to Owens, this information would be revealed in documents that are “still being unnecessarily classified.”

I have no doubt that is true, especially in the light fo the 28 pages of previously classified documents which clearly show Saudi that Representative Thomas Massie said would challenge “you to rethink everything.”

The documents provide conclusive evidence that we should be dealing with Saudi Arabia more harshly than we have been doing.

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The reason we don’t is obvious and that’s because of oil and the use of the petrodollar.

There are more people stating that the Saudis play a significant role in 9-11.  Stephen K. Moore, the retired FBI agent who led the Sept. 11 probe in Los Angeles, confirmed in an affidavit in December 2017 this fact.

The Washington Examiner reported on Kreindler in another interview, as well as pointing out others who clearly saw the Saudi connection.

Several people formerly associated with the investigation stated that Saudi Arabia was financially involved with the Sept. 11 attacks, including John Lehman, a Republican member of the 9/11 Commission, and former Sen. Bob Graham, D-Fla., who chaired the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence at the time. Graham’s testimony during an appearance on “60 Minutes” was especially damning: “the hijackers received active support and guidance from rich Saudis, Saudi charities, and top members of the Saudi government.”

Despite mounting evidence and testimony from key players in the investigation as well as former politicians, Kreindler told methat he ran into significant roadblocks from the FBI and former directors Mueller and Comey.

“We’ve really been stymied over the last 17 years from getting information from the FBI, State Department, and Department of Defense,” Kreindler said in an interview. “From day one, instead of focusing on the evidence, there was an effort to not look at the Saudis and get their help in launching the Iraq War.”

Kreindler said that retired FBI agents had told him that they also believe Mueller lied in 2002before the joint congressional inquiry that he was unaware of Saudi government involvement.

“In [former FBI agent] Steve Moore’s affidavit he says, as head of the 400 FBI agent team in L.A., I am reporting on our investigation into al-Thumairy daily with the director, that’s Director Mueller,” Kreindler stated.

It’s not just Kreindler pointing the finger at Mueller; Graham stated that Mueller personally intervened to cut off further inquiry regarding Saudi assistance to the hijackers in California. In an interview with Harper’sfrom October 2017, Graham stated that Mueller made a series of objections to having terrorist specialist and former FBI lawyer Michael Jacobsonvisit San Diego to see if there was a possible Saudi connection to the hijackers. When Jacobson discovered that the hijackers were close to an FBI informant named Abdussattar Shaikh, he demanded to speak to him — but Mueller refused and moved Shaikh to an undisclosed location “for his safety.”

Kreindler also told the Examiner, “President Trump must declassify all documents related to the 9/11 investigation to fully reveal the significant degree to which Mr. Mueller and later Mr. Comey went to impede and cover up Saudi involvement in the 9/11 attacks.  The president should also issue an executive order holding harmless all retired FBI agents who were aware of the cover-up and impediments by their bosses at the time but are afraid to come forward to help the 9/11 victims today out of fear of retribution.”

Well, let’s see what we get.  Trump had declassified and released thousands of documents related to the JFK assassination, which people had been trying to get their hands on for years.  Among those documents we discovered:

I’m of the opinion that 9-11 was the result of Islamic jihadists, but that it was also a false flag operation.  After all, our CIA was intimately involved with jihadis for decades, including Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan in the 1980s.  Don’t think for one minute that those at the top, including those in the Bush administration, didn’t know something was going on.  That’s why the Bush administration grounded all the flights, but allowed the bin Laden family to flee the US.

Say what you want, but I ask you America, who did the Bush administration attack in the wake of 9-11 besides Afghanistan and Iraq?  Was it the Saudis?  Nope, they were the best of friends.  They attack you and me and the rights and freedoms of all law-abiding citizens under the guise of law in the PATRIOT Act while at the same time telling us that it was the Taliban who hated our freedom, and still today, we deal with criminals in the TSA masquerading as federal agents who daily violate our rights.

Yep, it’s time for Mueller to be held accountable for his cover-up, but it’s also time to hold our federal government accountable for its own deception in order to violate our rights protected under the Fourth Amendment… that is if the Constitution actually means anything anymore.

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