(Natural News) Lawmakers in Ohio have introduced new legislation aimed at protecting children from all the gender madness that’s taking over modern American society.

As per the guidelines set forth in Ohio House Bill 658, parents in the Buckeye State could soon have a whole lot more say over the gender selections of their adolescent offspring – the final say, in fact.

The bill was introduced following a recent juvenile court case in which the judge awarded custody of a young boy who wants to turn into a “girl,” against his parents’ wishes, to the child’s grandparents who are apparently okay with him undergoing irreversible hormone therapy in order to transform into a “female.”

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The judge’s decision was so alarming to some Ohio lawmakers that they immediately drafted up HB 658 as a response. If the bill passes and is signed into law, parents of gender-dysphoric children in Ohio will no longer risk losing them over issues involving transgenderism. HB 658 would also make it illegal for teachers, school therapists, or anyone else to intervene in such matters without parental consent.

Further, HB 658 would disallow judges from ruling in favor of the whims of gender-dysphoric children – meaning, cases like the one aforementioned would never again occur. And if these children seek to take matters into their own hands in rebellion, any adult with authority, including doctors and others who facilitate transgender procedures, would be mandated by law to inform their parents immediately.

LGBT mafia explodes with rage over the thought of parents being allowed to decide what’s best for their own children

To be expected, the LGBT mafia is vehemently opposed to the bill, claiming that it somehow puts children’s lives at risk. Proponents of gender fluidity such as Mary Emily O’Hara from the LGBT publication Them, for instance, says that HB 658 will “harm LGBTQ+ youth” throughout Ohio while turning school employees “into spies.”

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But this is just the usual LGBT hysteria over any type of law that aims to put restrictions on the community’s rebellious “pride,” and do as thou wilt lifestyle mantra. It’s also a gross misrepresentation of the intent of the bill, which is primarily about preserving parents rights over their own children – something that the LGBT community also seems to oppose.

“I feel pretty good about this because I’ve gotten a lot of support from my colleagues and leadership,” stated Representative Thomas Brinkman, one of the bill’s sponsors, to PJ Media.

“I’m rather libertarian. [This bill] is not anti-gay, it is pro-liberty. If parents want to treat their child’s dysphoria with hormone drugs, no one will stop them,” he added, noting that parents of gender-dysphoric children will be fully protected under the proposed law to seek counseling for their children, including Christian counseling.

Prior to reaching the age of 18, children are still minors, and their parents are still in charge of the decisions they make. Though the LGBT mafia would try to argue otherwise, minor children are not mature enough to make such decisions on their own, especially when they involve physical and chemical mutilation of one’s person.

“We hold parents to a standard of responsibility for their children financially and otherwise,” Rep. Brinkman contends.

“We want this bill to be a shield, not a sword. We are trying to give parents who don’t want to give their children life-altering drugs the freedom to say no.”

Individuals living outside of Ohio who are in agreement with the bill’s tenets are encouraged to contact their own representatives to ask that similar legislation be drafted in their own state.

For more news on the LGBT mafia’s promotion of gender dysphoria as just another form of gender “expression,” visit Gender.news.

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