(Natural News) Evidence that the “resist” Left is inching further toward launching all-out domestic terrorism against Trump supporters and the civil society surfaced again over the July 4 holiday as rational, patriotic, and country-loving Americans celebrated the nation’s 242nd birthday.

As reported by The Gateway Pundit, Antifa thugs desecrated and vandalized the home of a judge in suburban Pittsburgh and refused to leave even after police told them they were frightening children.

The militant anarchists have been regularly targeting Judge Jeffrey Manning because they believe the bail he levied on a Pittsburgh police officer who shot and killed a black teenager June 19 was far too light. The officer – who had just been sworn in only hours before – has been charged with criminal homicide and was released on a $250,000 unsecured bond.

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Manning’s home was vandalized with a hand-painted banner reading, “Blue Lives Murder,” and dotted with several headstone replicas containing the names of various individuals killed by police in recent years. His address was published on the Antifa website “It’s Going Down.”

The Gateway Pundit’s Cassandra Fairbanks reported:

According to an anonymous confession about the harassment published to the same website, approximately 35 people met in his cul-de-sac neighborhood on Independence Day “feeling empowered and ready to storm this ding dong’s neighborhood. Folks silently marched single file in lines of two, some masked, some not; everyone with fists raised.”

“The pigs showed up late to the party and everyone was pretty much on to the next thing by the time several squad cars arrived. Everyone got out just fine. The second part of the day’s actions was to shut down the intersection at Connor and Gilkeson Road, a pretty big intersection for the amount of people who came out. This was right in front of a mall and a main route to various suburbanite July 4th parties, so that was tight.

“The small group shut s**t down successfully with the help of a down a** semi driver who saw what was up and parked his rig in front of the exit route many cars were attempting to take. The cops were frazzled, a lot of fancy cars got f**ked up hopping the median, and the intersection was held successfully for a good chunk of time in the 95 degree heat and direct sun,” the confession continued.

The confrontations are increasing

The post noted that a frazzled woman tried to drive her vehicle through the crowd but was stopped and “made fun of” for a while after. It also noted that police were asking protesters to disband because they were frightening children. The confession made fun of that, too.

The protest is part of a new strategy being employed by Left-wing thugs and cheered by their Democrat allies that calls for showing up at the home of a targeted individual and/or confronting them directly in public.

In recent weeks, that Democratic crank from California, Rep. Maxine Waters, essentially ordered supporters to confront Trump administration officials wherever they go and single them out for harassment. That was too much even for some Democrats who, like other rational adults, saw her actions as a dog whistle to deranged, perpetually angry Marxists to get violent with Trump supporters, Republicans, and anyone else on the side of the administration.

That’s spreading. As reported by The National Sentinel, one of the latest to be harangued in public was POTUS Trump’s chief political advisor Kellyanne Conway. And while she owned the disrespectful so-and-so who confronted her, one of these days someone– a Republican lawmaker, a Trump administration official, or an ordinary Trump supporter – is going to be seriously hurt or killed by one of these thug lunatics.

And how much do you want to bet Democrat dog whistlers like crazy “Auntie” Maxine won’t be held responsible for triggering the attack – though they are obviously responsible?

Read more about the rising political violence in America at Violence.news.

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J.D. Heyes is editor of The National Sentineland a senior writer for Natural News and News Target.

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