Route 91 massacre survivor questions final report — “I would like to know what happened for fifty-one minutes before they got him”

Survivor of the 1 October Route 91 massacre Lisa Fine told Fox News on Friday that she has a lot of questions for officials that need to be answered regarding the 1 October Las Vegas shooting following the Las Vegas Police Department’s recent release of the so-called ‘final report’ in which the department has essentially closed the case for good.

“I have a lot of questions,” Fine said. “I would like to know what happened for fifty-one minutes before they got him [Stephen Paddock].”

“Why was he not taken down immediately?” She questioned. “You take a chip off of one of those [casino] tables and somebody is on the ground.”

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“The fact that he carried twenty-six bags of guns into that hotel will forever haunt me because I had bullets six inches from my head while I heard and watched people in horror an agony being murdered in front of my face,” she explained. “It was a war zone.”

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