Stephen Paddock’s wrist had blood, abrasions as if he was bound before his death

It appears that seasoned Las Vegas Metropolitan Police and FBI investigators may have overlooked crucial evidence revealing that alleged 1 October shooter Stephen Paddock’s body or a similar looking patsy’s body may have been bound at the wrists prior to death.

This all comes after a newly released LVMPD photo of Stephen Paddock’s body shows signs of trauma in the left wrist area consistent with that of being tied up. However, ‘trauma to the left wrist’ is not listed on the suspect’s autopsy report.

Page 99 of the final report released by LVMPD last Friday shows the following image of the body’s left wrist (enlarged):


Not only are abrasions and possible signs of foul play present but blood can be seen on the man’s shirt cuff.

I wonder how the LVMPD will explain this one away?

Stay tuned for more details on this matter. In the meantime send this to your state and local officials and representatives. This is an outrage! We need to take action by demanding answers!

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H/T: @iamjohncullen on Twitter

Courtesy of Intellihub

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