DC Clothesline is Moving to a New Server

As the next part of our expansion project, DC Clothesline will be moving to a new hosting company and a new server. 👍🏻

This is necessary for many reasons, but let me give you the 2 biggest:

  1. It may only be a matter of time before hosting companies start pulling the plug on conservative sites. It has already happened some. But I expect big hosting companies like ours (Host Gator) may eventually feel the pressure much as the social media companies and search engines already have. They might very well start shutting down conservative sites. We are simply staying one step ahead with this move. This move will mean BOTH of our websites are parked with conservative-friendly hosting companies.
  2. There is a financial aspect also. We will save money with the new service. Cash is very tight at the moment and we are still in need of donations if you are able. Please note that we are not sacrificing quality. To the contrary, we are getting more with the new hosting company for less money.

We will begin the task of migrating all of the DC Clothesline content today.

Keep in mind that we do not know what we are up against yet. We’re moving over 5 years worth of content.

If everything goes well I will be able to point the nameserver entries to the new host and we won’t miss a beat. But when moving large databases, things can happen.

When you change hosts, the new addresses must be spread far all over the world wide web. The address you use, does not change. You will still go to www.dcclothesline.com

But it takes awhile to notify everyone on the internet (behind the scenes) so there is a possibility you might not see the newest posts once the migration starts. It normally takes 24-48 hours for everything to be complete. I also might have to play catch up and put missing posts on the new host later, depending on how things go.

One thing that can happen is that you might see the newest articles on the new host, while someone else is seeing yesterday’s articles on the old host. (or vice-versa) Both of you are going to the same site, but one of you may see it at the new home while the other sees the old home.


Because your networks have updated and the other person’s networks have not.

I would suggest you all sign up for our email list (form below article) to make the transition more seemless.

But please be patient. There may be a hiccup or two but by Monday we should be going full force. The good news is that our traffic is increasing again and I’d like to keep it that way.

Also, don’t forget that we have DC Dirty Laundry and you might want to visit that site if you aren’t getting the latest articles here. On an average day about 80% of the content is the same with only 20% being exclusive to either site.

I am committed to delivering the news that YOU want to see. This is a necessary move to make sure that continues to happen. I am in this for the long term.

Thanks for Your Patience and Support and God Bless YOU,

Dean Garrison

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