In a video posted to Twitter on Thursday, a young Communist female (who, by the way, proudly displays her hammer and sickle on her jacket) accosted a group of FSU Republicans in a profanity-laced rant, accused the conservatives of “normalizing and enabling Nazis” by supporting Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis and threw her drink on them in an apparent gesture of goodwill and community outreach.

OK, maybe not goodwill…

Here’s the video, and be warned, there’s a lot of graphic language here.

Naturally, this didn’t sit too well with many on Twitter:

She also claimed that “Nazis” were killing “her people.”  This prompted one person to ask:

Probably not.  She is, after all, a college student…

Good point…

That is pretty much the liberal way, is it not?  When they’re not breaking the law or creating softcore pornography in a “get out the vote” stunt, they’re busy assaulting those with whom they disagree while calling them Nazis.

What’s truly scary is that this is the Democrat voter base, and this is the kind of ideology that will will be running our country if Democrats do manage to seize control of the House and Senate.

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Which is why every singe Democrat running for office needs to be soundly defeated.

Courtesy of Conservative Firing Line