rather unusual phenomenon was captured in an up-close video of one of the current California wildfires in which a fiery-electric-looking pilar of intense heat can be seen supercharging the massive blaze.

ABC 7 News reporter Laura Anthony posted footage of the Camp Fire to her Twitter page last Friday showing what she is calling a ‘fire devil’ which is essentially a ‘fire whirl.’

“#DEVELOPING From a safe distance…just shot this video of a #FireDevil at the #Campfire near #Paradise,” she Tweeted while on the scene.

Some online conspiracy theorists believe there is much more to the recent fires and are even going as far as to say that “directed energy weapons” a.k.a. “DEWs” are to blame.

Melted cars, wheels, engine blocks, blown out neighborhoods, they all look suspicious as renown MMA fighter Eddie Bravo pointed out on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast in which he appeared on Saturday.

“There are some crazy people out there saying they are being started by some sort of directed energy weapons,” the Jujitsu master explained. “I don’t know that’s what the crazy people are saying.”


“There’s just a lot of weird shit out there like houses like you can see house, house, house completely leveled and all the trees around them nothing wrong the trees at all,” Bravo said.  “Weird. Just weird shit like that.”

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Courtesy of Intellihub