I had taken down the Go Fund Me fundraiser last week, because it appeared we were out of the woods and…


This is a post I put on the Go Fund Me site this morning:

Good morning all! I wanted to reach out to you all today because something has happened and I’m a little nervous. Basically one of our advertisers failed to pay us this month and it hurts. That advertiser represents about half of our income at DC Clothesline.

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Things had been going great and, as Murphy’s Law would have it, this was the wrong time for this to happen.

I guess there is never a right time, is there?

Traffic is up on BOTH sites and we have been growing steadily. We have made several improvements.

For instance, are you aware we now have our own social network? Visit DC Clothesline and on the top navigation bar you will find “Deplorables Network”. That’s us. It’s a free speech community for our readers. No censorship. EVER! Join us.

BOTH of our sites are now with “conservative friendly” web hosts. We have a new store for conservative gifts.

We have started to replace our questionable advertisers with those that are also “conservative friendly”.

We have some new writers so our article quality is up.

I am just so grateful that we have come this far in this fairly short amount of time. But I need to find a way to replace that lost income while I get a new advertiser in place.

The one that isn’t paying was conservative friendly, but it seems they have become insolvent, at least temporarily. I hope they come back and flourish. We need those on our side to pull through these tough times.

So I’m asking you to give if you can. I will find a way to make it through this but I’m scared to death. Christmas is coming and it won’t be the best time ever for my family. My kids don’t yet fully understand that Christmas is not all about gifts. The older kids do, but I have 4 kids under 6 years old.

It is what it is. Santa might not be able to give them the best Christmas ever, materially, but we will celebrate the birth of Christ and do our best with the material stuff.

Anyway, the site must survive so I am asking you to help if you can to get us through this rough bump in the road.

Looking forward I see the light at the end of the tunnel. When I decided to expand and fight back against the censors, the site was on life support.

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Your generous donations, some hard work and a lot of blessings from above have brought DC Clothesline back from the dead and the truth can not be stopped.

But if you can help us through this temporary rough spot, I will be eternally grateful. I already am. Thanks for your past support.

You have no idea how much it means.

But today I must humble myself and ask you one more time if you can afford to help us. I am sincerely hoping it will be the last time. I had removed the fundraiser from the site and then this happened. I’m putting it back up in the sidebar for a few days, but I really want it gone for good. I thought it was, but life is full of surprises.

We will find a way to survive but I sure could use some help if you find it in your heart to help us. If you can’t give a little financially, please pray for us. There is a link to donate below.

God Bless You,’
Dean Garrison

If you can help us, please donate here. Thank You.

Updated 11-29-2018. Our readers pulled together to raise $560 yesterday. I am so grateful. I’m going to share this again today and maybe tomorrow. After that I sincerely hope we can be done with fundraisers for awhile. Things are/were going very well. But things happen. THANK YOU to all who gave money, shared this post, prayed or simply reads our stories regularly. I appreciate you all and God Bless You.

Updated 11-30-2018. You folks have really come through for us again. We received donations for another $170 yesterday. We could still use a bit more, because the income hit was huge, but my plan is to leave this up for one more day and then, hopefully, be done with fundraising for a long, long time. Thank You so much. -Dean

Updated 12-1-18. We received another $115 in donations yesterday and we will find a way to survive. THANK YOU. I have pulled the fundraising ad from the site. However, I will share this article or others from time to time because the situation is this… We have accrued 3 months worth of earnings with this ad network, which represents nearly $3000 in lost income. I can’t be certain we will see any of that, but hopefully we will. Donate if you can afford to. Thanks.