CNN’s Stephanie Ruhle Begs Fox News to Ban Ann Coulter For Saying Dems ‘Hate White Men’

Just two days after going on an anti-white rant attacking President Trump for having “six white guys” on his shortlist for Chief of Staff, MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle “begged” Fox News to ban Ann Coulter for saying Democrats are only united by their hatred of white males.

“PLEASE @FoxNews, I am actually begging can we please stop this,” Ruhle tweeted. “This has NOTHING to do with politics or policy. This is pure hatred.”

“Freedom of free speech is what makes out country great. Giving these words a platform any larger than a sewer is truly awful. Please stop.”

Just Monday Ruhle had an outburst attacking President Trump for hiring white men to be part of his staff:

This is everyday behavior for her and her colleagues:

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Ruhle’s not angry with Ann Coulter for her “hate,” she’s angry because she’s got her number.

While Ruhle loves to whine about Trump’s supposed “attacks on the free press,” she wants everyone she disagrees with banned from the airwaves.

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